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DSD on who is SUPPOSED TO BE in Charge?

Where is Lisa Jackson? Where is Nobel laureate Dr Stephen Chu?
As someone asked on Meet the Press last Sunday, have they gone into the Federal Witness Protection Program?

If you’d dropped into this catastrophe after staying incommunicado on Mars for 20 years, you’d have expected the Secretary of Energy and the Administrator of EPA to be in the lead on this issue. Janet Napolitano (secretary of history’s most dysfunctional department, which unfortunately runs the Coast Guard and FEMA, as well as immigration and TSA) and Ken Salazar have not been impressive. And when Dr Bobby Jindal looks more effective and decisive than the President, the latter has a problem no matter how high or low you look: P.R., partisan ambitions (especially in the South), political effectiveness, effective government or advancing his long-range dreams.

Obama should probably toss all his political and publicity advisors to one side (or over the side) to let his experts manage this properly (and pitilessly). Attacking BP and firing the head of the Interior Dept’s Minerals Management Service are certainly amply and fully justified, but they’re also completely insufficient.

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