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Federal Employee’s…..The House GOP wants to freeze your pay!……

Steny Hoyer speaks at an event.

[ ‘We need to reject this cynical ploy to make federal employees a scapegoat for spending,’ said Steny Hoye,Democratic House Majority Leader ]

Yep…..Those people are NOT your friends….

They know this ain’t going anywhere…

But they are flexing on your back…..

And paycheck…..

Not a good look at all……

House Republicans will try to force a vote on freezing federal wages when Democrats bring a defense spending bill to the floor Friday afternoon.

It’s the last day of a long legislative week on Capitol Hill, and before lawmakers head out for the weeklong Memorial Day recess, House Democrats are trying to pass a flurry of legislation: a tax extenders bill, legislation that provides for science programs and the defense authorization bill. Even though the proposal would be attached to the defense bill, military salaries would be exempt from the pay freeze. The proposal would also freeze pay for members of Congress.

Republicans plan to use a motion to recommit — a procedural method that sends a bill back to its committee of jurisdiction — to force lawmakers to vote on the freeze to federal worker pay. Republicans hope it puts Democrats in a bind: The majority doesn’t want to vote for the motion because it could temporarily kill the legislation, but if it doesn’t vote for it, the GOP could then say Democrats voted against a spending cut. This proposal is the latest from the House GOP’s YouCut project in which voters text-message their votes on how to cut government spending.

Republicans say that freezing federal salaries — except for those in the military — would save the government $30 billion in the next decade. The Obama administration intends to increase federal salaries 1.4 percent.



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  1. How about cutting the bloated defense budget?

    Beginning with the TRILLION dollar wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Thats not very Republican though

    Money for useless wars?


    For American workers?

    Screw em!

    Sarah Palin forever!!!!

    Comment by My Name Is jack | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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