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The citizens of Reykjavik vote for the Best Party; (BBC)

¶ A party that calls itself “the Best” has won local elections in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.

The Best Party, founded by comedian Jon Gnarr, secured 34.7% of the vote, ahead of the Independence Party’s 33.6%.

Its campaign video featured candidates singing to the tune of Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best”.

Key pledges included “sustainable transparency”, free towels at all swimming pools and a new polar bear for the city zoo.

The party also called for a Disneyland at the airport and a “drug-free parliament” by 2020.

As well as specific pledges, its video promised change, a “bright future” and suggested that it was time for a “clean out”.

The Best Party was only established six months ago. Its victory means it will hold six seats on the 15-member city council.

Commentators suggest it has benefited from voters’ loss of trust in government and the establishment in the wake of the country’s banking collapse in 2008.

According to Iceland Review Online, several local races saw parties that were in power ousted in the polls.


Iceland Review online reports on negotiations between the Social Democrats and Best Party in Reykjavik, and between several parties and the Second-Best Party in Kópavogur:

Talks between Best Party and Social Democrats Continue

Representatives of the Best Party and the Social Democrats in Reykjavík met yesterday and agreed upon a series of “secret” meetings this week, which will be announced accordingly. They will discuss which topics to emphasize as the new majority in the Reykjavík City Council….

In Hafnarfjördur the Social Democrats and Left-Greens are in negotiations. According to Fréttabladid’s sources, both the current mayor, Lúdvík Geirsson of the Social Democrats, and chairwoman of the Left-Greens Gudrún Ágústa Gudmundsdóttir are making demands for the mayoral office.

In Kópavogur, the Social Democrats, Left-Greens, the Second-Best Party and the Kópavogur Party are in negotiations, which seem to be going smoothly. “We are sticking to the schedule and plan to finish talks on Wednesday,” said Gudrún Arnardóttir, the leader of the Social Democrats.

In Akureyri, chairwoman of the Independence Party Sigrún Björk Jakobsdóttir resigned from her position within the party and will not take a seat on the town council due to how poorly her party performed in the election on Saturday.

Click here to read more about the election in Akureyri, here to read more about the Best Party in Reykjavík and here to read more about the municipal elections in Iceland in general.


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