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Charlie Rangel is still loved in Harlem…….

While he has lost the Ways and Means Chair…..and suffered countess humiliations from mistakes, forgotten and misdirected financial transactions……

But he is still looked at fondly in his home district in New York’s Harlem….

A District that has been almost entirely black and  has begun to turn with gentrification …..

Thus bringing in new voters….. that don’t know their House Rep who has served there  for 40 YEARS……

Rangel , A former Army solider, decorated for valor under fire, is  79…….is up for November’s fight……..

And so is his base…..

The 40-year Congressional career of Representative Charles B. Rangelseemed to come apart over the last year and a half, amid an unrelenting swirl of accusations that he dodged taxes, hoarded rent-stabilized apartments and accepted corporate-sponsored junkets to the Caribbean

Suddenly, the genial, gravelly voiced prince of Harlem became a symbol of malfeasance and self-dealing Washington insiderism. Republicans talked of building their midterm election strategy around him. Democrats returned his campaign contributions. And Mr. Rangel, 79, relinquished his prized possession: the chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

But back in his Congressional district, where much of politics is experienced in a personal way, a very different attitude has emerged: a fierce determination that Mr. Rangel, whatever his transgressions, should end his public life on his own terms and be given one last term.

That sentiment is frustrating his Democratic challengers and propelling Mr. Rangel, who formally announced his candidacy on Sunday, into a surprisingly strong position just months after predictions of his demise.

“When it’s time for him to go, he will make that decision,” said Jackie Rowe Adams, 62, a Parks Department employee and union local leader who grew up in Harlem. “He’ll leave gracefully.”

“That time,” she said, “is not now.”



Rangel is back at it again….

This time comparing Obama to Cheney on Iraq.……

Oh, I forgot…He backed Hillary over Obama and hasn’t forgotten….

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  1. Sorry Charlie!

    This is a reason we should be paying these people a least $250,000.00 a year.

    Probably $500,000.00.

    Plus benefits.

    So when one goes astray

    they get kicked out immediately

    Because if Star Kist only accepts the best cuts of tuna (oil packed or water?)

    Why shouldn’t we.

    PS: Genial guy but being clever got the best of him.

    Comment by Manila Calling! | June 7, 2010 | Reply

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