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Blanche Lincoln Wins the Democratic Primary for her Senate seat in Arkansas!

The Dog is very Happy to be wrong…..

And is happy to see that the Democratic voters of Arkansas are smart enough to NOT have someone run… that absolutely had NO chance to win against Boozman in November…

The Dog salutes everyone…. including Daniel and myself who got this wrong!

My apologizes to Bill Clinton** who campaigned for her and finally got a win!

I might have got it wrong…

But I got it right…

Halter ran with Union, Progressive and left support….

I said it couldn’t be done…

It wasn’t…..

Damn Right!

Washington (CNN) – Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln has defeated Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in Tuesday’s Senate Democratic primary runoff, the Associated Press projects.

Democratic Senate primary runoff:
Blanche Lincoln (incumbent) – 112,811 51.7%
Bill Halter – 105,352 48.3%

80% of precincts reporting

*Vote totals compiled by the Associated Press

** The Dog just wasn’t thinking about Bill Clinton in Arkansas….This guy was FROM Arkansas……Duh!…

There’s a reason that Bill Clinton was making the closing argument for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) just days before today’s runoff, while the senator has made strides to separate herself from President Obama.

This is Clinton country.

Yes, Clinton is from the state, but it also went hugely for his wife in the 2008 presidential primary — 70 percent to 26 percent to be exact. The state was one of Obama’s worst showings in the general election too.

Arkansas is an extreme example, but many 2010 battles are being waged in similar territory. In fact, a majority of top 2010 races are being held in districts and states where Obama struggled in the Democratic primary fight two years ago.

Much has been made of Republican efforts to win the four dozen (or so) Democratic-held districts where Obama lost to John McCain in 2008. But looking at places where Obama lost to Hillary Clinton can also be instructive when it comes to understanding how the President, who is not on the ballot this fall, will nonetheless impact the fight for congressional control.

According to a Fix analysis, of the 27 Democratic-held House seats and 10 Senate races listed as toss-ups by the Cook Political Report, Obama lost roughly half of each by wide margins to Clinton during the primary season.

Obama lost to Clinton in seven of the 10 states with top Senate races, and in about 60 percent of the top 27 House districts. Five of those states and 13 of those House districts went for Clinton by double digits.

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  1. Looking for a win by angle in nevada. that teabaggin nut would be great for reid!

    Comment by Terry Green | June 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. I love it!

    The GOPer’s are going have stomach aches in the morning…..

    Comment by jamesb101 | June 8, 2010 | Reply

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