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DSD……Nick Clegg goes before Parliament in the UK…..

As the first-ever Deputy Prime Minister from the UK’s Liberal Democratic Party (founded around 1988), Nick Clegg presented Parliament on Monday with some far-reaching, although not novel, proposals for political reform, regional devolution and constitutional change. Some of these ideas had originated during previous governments without reaching full fruitiion.

From the Lib Dem Voice blog:

Nick Clegg makes “impressive” debut at despatch box as Deputy PM, sets out radical political reform plans

By Stephen Tall | Published 7th June 2010 – 9:25 pm

Nick Clegg debuted in front of the House of Commons today in his new role (yes, it is still new: it’s only a month since the election) as deputy prime minister. And he used the occasion to set out how the new coalition government will make good the political reforms radical political reform plans that languished neglected during Labour’s 13 years in government. The government’s plans include:

* A referendum on the Alternative Vote
* The right to recall MPs who break the rules
* Fewer, more equal-sized constituencies
* Making the House of Lords wholly or largely elected
* Fixed five-year parliaments
* Devolving greater powers to the Scottish Parliament by implementing the recommendations of the Calman Commission
* A referendum on devolving more powers to the Welsh Assembly

Nick Clegg’s website excerpts parts of his speech, reproduced below. But if that’s not enough for you then you can read the full debate exchange courtesy of Hansard here.

continued here

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