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DSD…..On the California vote…..

Orly Taitz, a relentless pursuer of the Not Born Here theory, won only a quarter of the California GOP primary vote for Sec. of State. But that’s still over a third of a million of California’s more politically-conscious citizens. GOP candidates and managers must be breathing deeps sighs of relief.


California voters approved the cockamamie open primary (which could send two Democrats or two Republicans to face each other in November 2012) at the same time they kept the ban on public financing of elections. I put down at least part of this madness to a Republican 2010 primary that was more significant than the Democratic one, in the relative absence of high-profile vote-catching ballot measures.


By 7 to 1, voters did approve a non-controversial measure that exempts the added value of seismic retrofitting (quake-proofing) of an existing building from property tax revaluations until it’s sold.


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