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Strausberg strikes out 14 for the Nationals in his first Major League game……

Stephen Strasburg can throw……

If he lasts….. is anyones guess….

If the National’s can ride his arm to the Playoffs is also a wild guess….

But as far as pitchers go….

He could be the second coming………

We cannot put the Washington Nationalsin the World Series yet. They are still, for now, the last-place team in the National League East. But every climb must start somewhere, and Tuesday seemed like that moment for this franchise.

Stephen Strasburg arrived in the majors with a flourish, looking like the ace this town has not seen since Walter Johnson. He set a Nationals single-game record for strikeouts, fanning 14 Pittsburgh Pirates over seven innings of a 5-2 victory, doing it all without a scouting report.

“They didn’t really talk to me about a game plan or how to attack certain hitters,” the 21-year-old Strasburg said. “They just told me to go out there and enjoy it.”

With a pitcher this overpowering, the hitters adjust to him, not the other way around. Strasburg threw harder in the seventh inning than he did in the first. His 94th and last pitch was 99 miles per hour, a swinging strike by Andy LaRoche. He fanned the last seven hitters he faced and eight of his final nine, walking none and allowing two runs and four hits.

The Pirates’ Ronny Cedeno, who struck out twice, said no pitcher throws harder. Yet because of Strasburg’s devastating changeup and breaking ball, looking for the fastball is a hitter’s best chance.

“If he keeps going like that, he’s got great stuff to be the best pitcher in the league,” Cedeno said. “It’s up to him. If he concentrates every start and makes the pitches like he did tonight, I think he’ll be O.K.”


Here’s another piece on the boy wonder……

From Chris Ross….http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/


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