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The New British Government will stand with the US in Afghanistan…..

After a US full court press…

The New British Administration comes out for keeping its military hand in Afghanistan….

British Prime Minister Cameron and Defense Minister Dr. Fox where on board before the election….

And recent visits by Defense Secretary Gates and others ……

Have been met with cautious approval…..

In a three-day diplomatic offensive, a trio of top Pentagon figures — Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, General David H. Petraeus, the top commander in the region, and General Peter W. Chiarelli, vice-chief of the army staff — have sought assurances from Britain’s new coalition government that Britain will remain steadfast in its Afghan commitment.

Mr. Gates said Wednesday that the United States and its allies were under pressure to show progress in the war by the end of the year, and that American voters would not accept an open-ended “stalemate.”

“All of us, for our publics, are going to have to show by the end of the year that our strategy is on the right track and making some headway,” he said.

As Mr. Gates headed for a NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels, it seemed clear the Americans had achieved the reaffirmation they had sought after Mr. Gates and General Petraeus met separately with the new prime minister, David Cameron, and in talks both men had with the new British defense minister, Dr. Liam Fox.

Dr. Fox, a Scottish physician, had aroused doubts when he traveled to Afghanistan soon after the new government took office last month and said Britain was in Afghanistan to defeat Islamic extremists there so they could not mount new attacks in Britain, not for the purpose of rebuilding what he called “a broken 13th-century country.

That appeared to question an important part of the American strategy, which has hinged on combining military pressure on the Taliban and Al Qaeda with a reconstruction program aimed at winning the backing of Afghanistan’s population. But other senior ministers in the new government said Britain remained behind the American approach, and that was the message Mr. Cameron and Dr. Fox appeared keen to transmit this week.

After Mr. Gates met Mr. Cameron on Monday, the prime minister’s office issued a statement saying that he had “reiterated UK support for US strategy,” but tellingly singled out as the strategy’s main element the $20 billion plan to build up Afghanistan’s own forces so they can take over security responsibilities and allow allied troops to leave….


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