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Is it 5,000 or 40,000 barrels of oil coming out of the pipe daily in the Gulf?

Nobody really knows…..

Different scientists have different estimates…..

The cap IS draining off a good amount of the oil now…..

But a whole lot is in the water of the Gulf……

The one scientific certainty: It’s a lot — and more than some of the same scientists thought just a couple of weeks ago. It’s so much that the crews trying to siphon it to the surface are going to need a bigger boat.

Early in the crisis, BP and the federal government repeatedly said that the Deepwater Horizon well was spewing about 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) a day into the gulf. But the new estimates, released Thursday by government-appointed scientists, show that the well most likely produces 5,000 barrels before breakfast.

One team that has studied video taken of the leaking riser pipe before it was cut and capped last week has concluded that the well was most likely producing 25,000 to 30,000 barrels a day. If that estimate is on target, and if the flow has been more or less consistent since the April 20 blowout, the hydrocarbon reservoir 2 1/2 miles below the sea floor has gushed five to six times the amount spilled in Alaskan waters in 1989 by the Exxon Valdez.

Put it another way: It’s roughly one Valdez spill every week. Nearly two Olympic-size swimming pools of oil every day.


Folks…like evrything else on this one…..

We’ll have to wait….

It IS fustrating….

Meanwhile ……

The President has asked the CEO and Board menebrs of BP to come to the White House for a chat….

Mindfull that BP IS a private Britsh Comapany ….


American’s down South are pissed…..

The American Media is screaming blody murder….

And the Brits are getting defensiove over this whole thing…

Obama has to ask questions, show displeasure….

And hope for the best……


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DSD on the Rhode Island Governors race debate…..

Rhode Island Gubernatorial Debate
(7 – 8:30 p.m. EDT, Thursday 10 June 2010)

on WPRI-TV, Channel 12, Providence, and

[ The candidates for governor await the start of their first TV debate, at the University of Rhode Island in South Kingstown on Thursday. From left, John Robitaille, Victor Moffitt, Lincoln Chafee, Ken Block, Frank Caprio and Patrick Lynch. ]

The video stream was awful if you didn’t have high capacity memory and connections; it was overloaded by “Connect It” giving the questions as they were asked; I’ve seen this done far more efficiently by less sophisticated and less power-hungry apps. The TV broadcast also had some engineering glitches, especially sound from URI in southern RI.

I apologize to the former state legislator Victor Moffit (R) for my throwaway comparison in an earlier thread about experience: both Moffit’s Republican opponent, John Robitaille, and the Moderate Party candidate Ken Block made big points about their LACK of experience in elective public office.

Atty-Gen. Patrick Lynch (D) made a few good points but reinforced my dislike of him.

Gen. Treas. Frank Caprio (D) still makes a good impression to me, and is certainly a Democrat, but there are fiscal points where he seems too conservative.

Lincoln Chafee (Ind.), a former Republican Mayor of Warwick and U.S. Senator, still looks like the best of the bunch at this point, although I disagree with him on several policy proposals, such as imposing a 1% sales tax on currently-exempt items such as drugs and newspapers.

As I’ve said before, I wish there were a true left-wing candidate, such as State Rep. David Segal (D, Providence & E. Prov.; formerly Green Party member of Prov. City Council), who’s instead running for the Democratic nomination for Patrick Kennedy’s 1st District Congressional seat. An unambiguous left-winger would make this race less lopsided.

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Reshma Saujani tries to tie Carolyn Maloney to Big Oil……

Maloney Flack: Saujani Oil Smear 'Preposterous'

Reshma  has got to be hurting….

With an Maloney internal poll leaked a few weeks ago showing Maloney ahead, by like 40% points, and Mario Cuomo doing fundraising for her…….the bloom is off the rose for Saujani….

Well, the Saujani people have found out that Maloney used to get money from oil companies while getting a 100% conservation rating from the League of Conservation Voters……

Maloney has been hard on the oil industry….

But the Saujani campaign has rolled out a 1 minute campaign video that goes after Maloney…..

We’ll see what happens…

But from the protests from Maloney’s people….

They don’t like the tag…..

At all…..

Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s office today called an attack ad released by her opponent—one that seeks to portay Ms. Maloney as a toady of the oil industry—”preposterous.”

“This is preposterous,” said Maloney spokesman Alix Anfang, in an emailed statement. “Congresswoman Maloney has been a clear, consistent leader in standing up to the oil industry and demanding that the oil industry regulators do their job. Our opponent is exploiting this national crisis in an attempt to score political points.”

To Ms. Anfang’s point, Ms. Maloney has a 100 percent approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and her legislative record indicates a contentious history with Big Oil.

But James Allen, a spokesman for Ms. Saujani’s campaign countered, “Being a leader is much different than voting the right way on party line environmental bills. Once again, Carolyn Maloney is talking about the past not the future, and following instead of leading. What’s her plan to prevent this from happening again? What’s her proposed legislation?”

The minute-long ad, from opponent Reshma Saujani (recently profiled in The Observer), is titled, “Maloney’s Extensive Ties to BP and Big Oil,” and opens with a montage of news clips depicting the breadth of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. After 30 seconds of horrifying imagery–including photos of an oil-covered bird–we’re shown a photo of a stern-looking Ms. Maloney, glasses perched on nose, in a toxic-orange-colored power suit juxtaposed onto video of oil-polluted waters….

More…..With a link to the video……

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US companies are holding on to their cash……

Afraid of these rough and tumble economic times…

They make sure they have liquidity…..

Makes you shake your head, Huh?

U.S. companies are holding more cash in the bank than at any point on record, underscoring persistent worries about financial markets and about the sustainability of the economic recovery.

The Federal Reserve reported Thursday that nonfinancial companies had socked away $1.84 trillion in cash and other liquid assets as of the end of March, up 26% from a year earlier and the largest-ever increase in records going back to 1952. Cash made up about 7% of all company assets, including factories and financial investments, the highest level since 1963.

While renewed confidence in corporate-bond markets has allowed big companies to raise a record amount of money, many are still hesitant to spend the cash on hiring or expansion amid doubts about the strength of the recovery. They are also anxious to keep cash on hand in case Europe’s debt troubles lead to a new market freeze.

“Cash is still king,” said Jeff Hand, chief operating officer at Ross Controls, a Troy, Mich., maker of pneumatic valves and other products that is holding more cash as it struggles to recover from a sharp drop in business last year. “We’re coming out of that, but the uncertainty is still there.”

“We just went through this liquidity crunch that’s made them realize the value of a dollar in hand,” said John Graham, an economist at the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Even now, banks continue to pull back on lending. The Fed reported Thursday that net lending by the financial sector—including banks, credit unions and other lenders—was down 5.4% in March from a year earlier.

The comfort of having cash on hand, though, comes at a high price companies may not be willing to pay for much longer. They are earning almost no interest on their holdings of cash, making it more difficult for them to achieve the returns shareholders typically expect from them. That will put pressure on companies to pare down the cash holdings eventually.


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Push back against Nate Silver from CQPolitcs…..

Nate Silver takes a little lumping from Taegan Goddard @ Politcalwire……….

Nate Silver’s pollster scorecard is an interesting experiment in trying to hold the political polling industry to a higher standard. It’s long overdue and could prove very useful to consumers of this information.

In explaining his methodology, Silver found that “the scores of polling firms which have made a public commitment to disclosure and transparency hold up better over time. If they were strong before, they were more likely to remain strong; if they were weak before, they were more likely to improve.”

But when I talk with pollsters about the latest scorecard, they’re universally puzzled as to why Silver doesn’t hold himself to the same level of transparency and release his database of polls. In fact, some even claim he’s using faulty data in putting together his rankings.

While Silver’s efforts are admirable — and even caused one of the more controversial firms to vanish from the scene — it’s a point worth considering before giving his pollster rankings too much weight.

Check the highlighted link for comments…..

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Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor…"For the Love of the Game"……

From NiceKicks….

The Air Jordan 2010 is easily one of the most talked-about sneakers in the market today, and it seems this shoe will continue to garner a lot of attention as the year unravels. Later this year, Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan

2010 Outdoor in a series of colorways …


Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor “For the Love of the Game”

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Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor…”For the Love of the Game”……

From NiceKicks….

The Air Jordan 2010 is easily one of the most talked-about sneakers in the market today, and it seems this shoe will continue to garner a lot of attention as the year unravels. Later this year, Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan

2010 Outdoor in a series of colorways …


Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor “For the Love of the Game”

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DSD…..Dutch Elections…Part #2

Page Two”

Projected State of the Dutch Parties after the ruling Christian Democrats fall to fourth place behind the Liberals, Labour and the far right (anti-Islamic) Freedom Party.

150 is the number of seats in the Dutch Parliament

76 would form a majority.

31 VVD (centre-right liberals)
30 PvdA (Dutch Labour Party)
24 PVV (Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party)
21 CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal)

15 SP (Socialist Party)
10 GroenLinks (GreenLeft)
10 D66 (Democrats 66)

5 ChristenUnie (Christian Union)
2 SGP (Protestant party)
2 Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals)

0 Trots op Nederland (Proud of the Netherlands)

See: http://www.rnw.nl/english/article/liberal-vvd-party-wins-historic-dutch-election

[Published on : 9 June 2010 – 10:01pm | By John Tyler]

with interesting party symbols and a pie chart as well as a layman’s summary of the parties and possible coalitions.

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Open thread for June 10th…….

Hello fellow PoliticalDog visitors!

Interesting last hour…

The site went down and Of course I’m still sitting in front of of the darn computer!

Well…As soon as do this new thread I’m skipping outside for a few!

As you can see…. I’ve been burning the posting oil to get the rest of you as much info as possible….

I’m just glad I’m not Alvin Greene……

Congratulations to all the Chicago Blackhawk fans for the win!

I knew Corey would show up to gloat…..

ILL Jim didn’t …..

Daniel’s fine after the Halter loss…

I just had to break his balls…

He’s a good guy……

Shoutouts to the rest of the Dog Pound….

SE, Manila, CD, Corey, Scott,  ILL Jim, Moe, Talkandpolitcs, JSin, TPL, Terry, Jerry, BDog (WTF has he been?), Jack, DSD, and all the spammers that I keep deleting!

Dropin’s from JJoshuajj21, Slamdunk, Rosella and Chris Ross!

Maria was around a while ago……and we’re looking for more female’s to join up!

We love you twitter people!…..

Come on down and give some comments also!

If I missed ya give me shout here…..

The Pak gets bigger everyday!

As Always!

Keep up the good work

Commments……Commments…and More Comments


The Dog!

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WordPress was down….

It’s 9:46 and we’re back…..

WordPress…the host of this blog was down for about an hour……

We’re sorry…

And Happy to be back…….

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