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Daily Manila x 2…….On Grenne……On the Census…..

From Newsweek: “For Greene, at least, relative obscurity is no longer his biggest problem. He was arrested in November for allegedly showing obscene Internet photos to a University of South Carolina student, according to the Associated Press. ABCNews says he was kicked out of the Army, too. Now three months after Greene gave them that $10,400 check, South Carolina Democrats have asked him to withdraw from the race.”

High hopes!

Greene has high hopes!

Forget about those rumors that he

pushed porn as a joke!

So any time your getting low

Instead of letting go

Just remember this rant

Oops, there goes another man without

Oops, there goes another man without

Oops, there goes another man without


And if he does not get his 10 grand back, he loses his shirt too!


Considering many Hispanics are boycotting the count, the number is probably higher.

Technically it’s a day in Court and a $100.00 fine per name or even jail for contempt if you do not participate. Of course this means sending someone with authority from Commerce to your house and writing you out a ticket. Not cheap to do.

Also the bigger fight you make, the more privacy you lose. Census workers look up your phone number, your land records often finding income properties, and also refer to the local census (which does not release the names of minors up to the age of 17 or 18) and accessors office.

If you cooperate, no one cares so long as you don’t lie. ID yourself as Wilbur N. Winnipesaukee from Walla Walla, Peter D. Plum from Pittsburg, or Dick Hurtz from Holden and that can be a $500.00 fine if they bother to spend the money to investigate it.

And you have to cooperate so long as you were living here on April 1st. It’s in Article one.


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