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South Carolina Senate nominee Alvin Greene update…..He’s asked to step down…..

Alvin Greene hold up his campaign flyer, June 9.

[ Alvin Greene ]

We knew this was going to be interesting……

This from Politico……

South Carolina’s newly-minted Democratic Senate nominee remained defiant Wednesday night, saying he wouldn’t step aside even after charges surfaced that he had shown a college student obscene photos last fall.

State Democratic Party officials have called for Alvin Greene to withdraw from the race, but he told the Associated Press that “the people have spoken. We need to be pro-South Carolina, not anti-Greene,” and that he would remain in the race.

South Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler told POLITICO she remains hopeful Greene will reconsider, but in the meantime they are speaking with their attorneys to see if there are other ways to remove him from the ballot.

“I really don’t know yet if we do or not, or if we have to appeal to the better angles of his nature,” said Fowler. “I don’t think he is ready to do it right now, but we hope that he willwithdraw because it’s not helpful to have him on the ticket.”

Greene, a 32-year-old unemployed Army veteran, raised no money and had no staff in his primary campaign against Charleston City Councilman Vic Rawl. The two candidates were competing to face Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in November.

On Wednesday, the AP reported that Greene had been arrested in November after approaching a University of South Carolina student in the school library, showing her a pornographic photo on a computer, and then suggesting they go to her dorm room. Greene was released on bond but hasn’t entered a plea or been indicted.

As for how Greene ended up posting an 18-point win over Rawl, who campaigned and fundraised statewide, Fowler said she remains puzzled.


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  1. In the end I guess the PARTY LEADERS of the SC Democrats

    dont believe in Democracy

    reminds me of the PARTY LEASERS of Massachusetts who didnt believe in Democracy and PLACED Kirk in

    they said he was needed for the Health Control Bill

    but that wasnt really the case

    Comment by Timothy Leal | June 10, 2010 | Reply

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