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There is a tape from the boat that the Israeli's raided……It raises questions….

The woman who shot the tape smuggled out her memory card in her underwear…

She has about an hour on the tape…..

She makes some very interesting observations that magnify the Dogs view that the operation was

not a very good..or popular one….

On both sides…

First of all she seems to confirm that Israeli Special Operators used NON-LETHAL weapons when they first arrived on the ship…..

Second she implies that the Special Operators seem to be very uncomfortable on the op….

By that she seems to imply that the operators didn’t want to be on the mission….

Where they ordered to do something they had problems with?

Was this discpline…or policy related?

Something is not right with the whole thing…from outside  AND INSIDE…..

Iara Lee, a Brazilian-American filmmaker and activist who was shooting a documentary on the flotilla of ships that was intercepted last week on its way to Gaza, has posted one hour of unedited video online that shows the early stages of the Israeli commando raid.

Since the camera was on a lower deck of the ship, it also shows but does not give a clear view of the violent confrontation and shootings that took place on the top deck of the ship, after Israeli commandos boarded from a helicopter and met with resistance from passengers on board. But the video, and accompanying audio, will help give a better sense of the timeline of the raid. It also shows clearly the area of the ship where wounded and dying passengers — and soldiers — were brought for medical treatment.

At a news conference at the United Nations on Thursday, where the video was screened for members of the media, Ms. Lee explained that she managed to smuggle out the video by hiding the card. She added that another video card she tried to hide was discovered and confiscated by Israeli authorities, along with her video equipment.

Ms. Lee also said that her success at smuggling the video out may have been partly because, in her view, the Israeli soldiers who were given the task of searching the detainees from the flotilla of ships were “young people who didn’t seem to want to be there.” She pointed out that some of the other journalists on board the ship had also managed to smuggle out cards with photographs and a much smaller amount of video.

The video Ms. Lee’s cameraman shot was recorded in high definition, although it was initially uploaded to YouTube in a low-resolution form in order to make it available to the public. This 15-minute edit of the material was also made available on Vimeo in a higher-quality version:


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  1. First of all she seems to confirm that Israeli Special Operators used NON-LETHAL weapons when they first arrived on the ship…

    back when I first developed my crush on the nation of Israel

    I was impressed they used rubber bullets

    Israel always a class act

    Comment by Timothy Leal | June 11, 2010 | Reply

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