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The Discussion about the 'Teenage Hook-Up Culture' over at the Atlantic magazine………

Atlantic Alumni: Flanagan's Confused on Hookup Culture

I came across this piece doing the Zeitgeist post…….

Evidently at the Atlantic magazine a first piece by Caitlin Flanagan, “how girls reluctantly endure the hookup culture.” came out about the new-age teen-age ‘hooking-up culture……

Described as the causal sexual relationships that may or may not involve going ‘all the way’…..

It paints a picture of teenage girls thrown into a world when virginity is a thing of the past…and sex cam mean something in an encounter…and sometime it may not…..

The whole thing strikes me as kind of cold and heartless…which I suppose is what the author of the piece is going at….

The end of the piece trys to play off young college aged women have causal sex with multiple males as par for the course these days….and has been attacked by others mentioned in the  linked piece I have here…..

I have son’s that have passed this age….


Because if Ms Flanagan is correct (there are a LOT of follow-up arguments against her ) then the world seems to have gone a bit Batshit crazy….

Which is entirely possible…..

It looked like the furor over Caitlin Flanagan’s latest Atlantic piece had died down. The Wire already covered the preliminary round of responses to the essay, which was somewhere between an exploration and polemic on “how girls reluctantly endure the hookup culture.”

But two new objections have now come in, and from a somewhat unlikely pair: two of Flanagan’s former Atlantic colleagues. Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias of Think Progress has taken issue with Flanagan’s empirical evidence–or, as he argues, lack thereof–for her argument, while conservative Ross Douthat, now of The New York Times, thinks Flanagan is pining for a perfect past that never existed. Douthat’s reaction in particular can hardly be described as knee-jerk or ideological in origin; he famously made his own controversial and socially conservative argument in The Atlantic, arguingthat watching pornography was much closer to adultery than users might like to admit.

Douthat’s response takes off from Yglesias’s. Yglesias notes that, though Flanagan suggests today’s women are much more sexually experienced than their mothers, data indicates that between 1991 and 2007, “the prevalence of sexual experience decreased 12% overall.” Meanwhile, the shift away from virginity occurred not “recently,” as she would have it, but rather in the 1970s. In other words, he concludes, Flanagan is responding to “an imaginary trend toward promiscuity.”


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  1. Girls feel EMPOWERED nowadays

    and why should one criticize another person’s love life

    I say USE condoms and get tested///

    STD’s and babies are what effect SOCIETY

    the rest is personal choice

    Comment by Timothy Leal | June 13, 2010 | Reply

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