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Rahm Emanuel Works Chicago’s Tribes on Day One of ‘Listening Tour’…..

One day you’re listening to the America and the World’s troubles…the next week it’s Chicago’s….

Chicago’s tribal politics break along ethnic, racial, religious, economic, geographic and even sexual-orientation lines, and mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel spent his first day of campaigning in the city on Monday targeting these various groups as he kicked off what he has termed his “listening tour.”

At “L” stops, stores and community centers, mobbed by local and national reporters, Emanuel started his day at 7:30 a.m., hitting pockets of African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Jews, gays, white ethnics, Indian-Americans, Pakistani-Americans, Irish-Americans — groups he’ll need to survive the Feb. 22 primary and win the April 5 general election.

Emanuel quit his White House chief of staff job on Friday, after President Barack Obama gave him a grand East Room send-off, and arrived back in Chicago on Sunday. He posted his announcement video on his new website and hit the streets on Monday and will continue his “Tell it Like it Is” tour on Tuesday……..More.

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