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Poll: Most Americans Give Government Poor Grades…..


U.S. Capitol


This piece is about the recent Washington Post Poll that asked American’s to rate their governmenet and and it services….


Heading into November’s elections, about 6 in 10 Americans say the U.S. is on the wrong track and majorities believe the federal government not only gets the blame for that but is out of synch with their values and its programs are not helping them, according to aWashington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation, Harvard University pollconducted Sept. 22-Oct.3.

When it comes to giving Washington a mark on its report card, a majority give it a “C” or “D.”

Those believing the country is headed in the wrong direction blame Washington by 89 percent to 10 percent. Those who think the country is headed in the right direction credit government by 76 percent to 23 percent, but only 25 percent give government a “great deal” of credit.

The players in that government get varying marks from those surveyed:

– Forty-eight percent give President Obama an “A” or “B” compared to 33 percent who grade him a “C” or “D” and another 18 percent sock him with a “F.” Only 17 percent gave him a straight-out “A.”

– Forty-seven percent give congressional Democrats a “C” or “D” with another 18 percent handing them an “F,” while 31 percent give them an “A” or “B.”

– Fifty-six percent grade Republicans on the Hill with a “C” or “D” while another 18 percent assign them an “F.” Twenty-two percent give them an “A” or “B.”

– Forty-two percent give their own representative in Congress a “C” or “D” with another 9 percent giving him or her an “F.” Forty percent give their representative an “A” or “B.”

The best marks of all go to the U.S. military which gets an “A” or “B” from 86 percent of Americans.



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