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Tight budgets lead to more civilians used for policing

The positions are transforming every-day citizens into crime-scene investigators, evidence gatherers and photographers.
If this turns into a trend…..
Police Unions are in trouble….
And in some places the police are going to be battling with the civilians
But it sure will save money….
For a while…
I would look for those volunteer’s to ask for more money somewhere down the line…
Police agencies across the country are recruiting thousands of civilians for a growing number of duties previously performed by uniformed cops, in an unusual concession to local budget cuts.

The positions — some paid and others volunteer — are transforming every-day citizens into crime-scene investigators, evidence gatherers and photographers in what some analysts suggest is a striking new trend in American policing.

“It’s all being driven by the economy and we should expect to see more of it,” saysUniversity of Pittsburgh law professor David Harris, who analyzes law enforcement practices. “As budgets are squeezed, an increasing number of duties are going to be moved off officers’ plates.”

The chief opponents of the movement are police union leaders who believe cash-strapped agencies are lowering standards and undermining professionalism in the ranks. In some cases, the civilian positions circumvent pay and benefit obligations outlined in hard-fought labor contracts, says Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO).



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