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Christine O’Donnell’s Confused Debate Night: Candidate Asks For Hint On Recent SCOTUS Cases


[ DE-SEN candidate Christine O’Donnell (R) in a debate with Chris Coons (D) ]

The gift that keeps giving….

Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell may have mastered her debate talking points and had a “Saturday Night Live” laughline, but had a tough time this evening with some basic questions about issues she’d face if she is elected to the Senate.

The most striking example of that in her CNN-televised debate against Democratic nominee Chris Coons came at the end of the 90-minute forum when O’Donnell could not name a recent Supreme Court case.

The debate moderator Nancy Karibjanian of Delaware First Media asked O’Donnell to talk about a recent high court opinion she disagreed with. The Republican, who defeated Rep. Mike Castle in a primary last month, paused.

“Oh gosh. Give me a specific one,” O’Donnell said after a deer-in-the-headlights moment which you can watch below. Karibjanian said, no, because that was the point: she needed O’Donnell to name one.


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