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Woodstock for Conservatives: Dick Cheney Is Back….


Five heart attacks ….

Shooting people ….

And still a die hard Conservative….

Dick Cheney is back…..

A little thinner…

But it’s him….


The Cheneys are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary, and their well-scripted exchanges included a story about how their big yellow Labrador, who was named Dave for no particular reason, disrupted a meeting with the president and top aides at Camp David by chasing President Bush’s dog, Barney, who yipped and yapped at people and sometimes bit.
“Dave thought Barney was an evil squirrel and went after him,” Lynne explained. The vice president ended the chase by handing a sweet roll to Dave, and they thought the crisis had passed. But when they returned to their cabin, there was a knock on the door and they were informed that until further notice, Dave was barred from Laurel Cabin, which is the main meeting hall at Camp David.
The Bakersfield conference is like the Aspen Ideas Festival or Woodstock for conservatives. Headliners included Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and Sarah Palin as the wrap-up speaker. Three thousand American flags dotted the fairgrounds in honor of the 9/11 victims, a symbol of how much the GOP defines itself around 9/11. Lynn Cheney asked her husband to describe what it was like in the White House that day, which he did as the crowd of several thousand listened attentively.
He related how the Secret Service grabbed him by the back of his belt and shirt collar to propel him through a tunnel and into the President’s Emergency Operations Center under the White House. He talked about issuing the order to shoot down one of the hijacked planes, not realizing at first that it was the hero passengers on Flight 93 who had crashed the plane.
He recalled how he and Lynn had later flown from the South Lawn in a helicopter, the only time someone other than the president had done that. Everyone was concerned about the threat level, and the country’s two top elected officials had to be kept apart in the event of another attack.
Three o’clock in the morning is worry time, Lynne said. “What do you worry about?”



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