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Feds to Enforce U.S. Drug Laws Even if California Legalizes Marijuana…..

If Prop 19 is approved in California …

There are going to be several efforts to overturn the vote…..

If it get’s passed…

While it’s passage was way ahead in the polls….

The number’s have closed….

Now this….

The Fed’s letting everyone know their position…

Of course …there isn’t going to be FBI agents locking people up for small amounts of grass….

That would shut down the Federal courts in the state…


Buzz kill. Even if California voters legalize marijuana next month, federal law enforcement officials will still “vigorously enforce” drug laws against people who grow, distribute or sell pot, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Holder sent a letter this week to nine former chiefs of the Drug Enforcement Administration clarifying his agency’s position onCalifornia’s Proposition 19The Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

“Let me state clearly that the Department of Justice strongly opposes Proposition 19. If passed, this legislation will greatly complicate federal drug enforcement efforts to the detriment of our citizens,” Holder wrote.

The ballot initiative allows state residents 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to 25 square feet worth of pot plants. It also authorizes cities and counties to oversee cultivation and sales.

But the federal Controlled Substances Act forbids the possession and sale of marijuana, and it’s that statute that Holder said he will continue to uphold — no matter what happens in California…..


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The President is more popular than Congress…..

Is anyone surprised with this?

Not me…..

Obama Popular Compared to Congress

A new report from Gallup finds that President Obama has remained more popular relative to Congress than all of his predecessors except George H. W. Bush, with an average 26 point gap between the president’s approval and that of Congress.

“Given all this, it appears that Obama is performing above par relative to the broader negative political climate, although the reason is not clear. His approval rating has been below 50% for most of this year — not good for his party heading into midterm elections — but given that Congress’ ratings are hovering around 20%, it could be much worse.”


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Sestak in PA…. compares cleaning up after the GOP… after the Bank mess… to cleaning up after his dog…

Sestak Compares Republicans to His Dog

In a new ad, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) defends his vote to bail out the banks saying he needed to clean up the economic mess the Republicans left behind just like he has to clean up after his dog.

See more…


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