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Google bomb: A campaign weapon…..

Is it too late for a Democratic wave of negative campaign info against the GOP House race leaders?….

We’re gonna find ourt in the next 14 days….

Dailykos is going to use Google to go after the GOP….


Chris Bowers, campaign director for the Daily Kos, is launching a behind-the-scenes campaign against 98 House Republican candidates that attempts to capitalize on voters’ Google search habits in the hopes of influencing midterm races.

He sees the campaign as a 21st century version of pamphleteering: Daily Kos readers are simply providing informational materials that are already out there in the same way that volunteers would hand out information to voters on the street.Bowers wants the Daily Kos’ thousands of participants to dig up little-noted or controversial news stories about the candidates that could hurt their chances with undecided voters. Users would click on the links and blog about the stories with the goal of boosting their rankings on search engines, so that undecided voters will discover them more easily.

The use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is standard practice for companies and campaigns managing their reputations online – or news organizations attempting to drive Internet traffic – but Bowers’ focus on promoting strategically damaging stories is unique.

Bowers says that he’s already received hundreds of e-mails with suggestions and maintains an online spreadsheet with key words like “Social Security,” “hypocrisy” and “Palin.” But so far, he’s only posted links to five stories related to five of the targeted candidates.

They include a Boston Globe story about a teenage strip search scandal involving former policeman Jeff Perry, a candidate in Massachusetts’ 10th District. Another item is a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed about abolishing public schools by Bay Area House nominee David Harmer.


Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/43767.html#ixzz12lzsA6X1


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