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Welcome to the PoliticalDog101 List of November 2nd, 2010 Races to Watch……

We have so much to list that we decided to use both of our site’s to keep you our readers in the know….

Below you will find our list of races we’re highlighting in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections…..

On November 2nd and 3rd well will be marking this list with W‘s for our winners as they become known…..

If there are any correction’s I need to make to this list please let me know in the comments section……

Daniel G gets credit and major prop’s for his assistance in helping us bring this to you….

The Dog…

The First States will close their voting at 6:00PM:

They are….

Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Vermont

Here are our Races  to Watch…


Senate Race : Paul (R)  vs. Conway (D)

Kentucky 3rd: Yarmuth (D*)  vs. Lally (R)

Kentucky 6th: Chandler (D*)  vs. Barr (R)


Senate Race : Coats (R)  vs.  Ellsworth  (D)

Indiana 2nd: Donnelly (D*)  vs. Walorski  (R)

Indiana 8th : Van Haaften (D)  vs.  Bucshon (R)

Indiana 9th: Hill (D*)  vs.  Young (R)


Virginia 2nd: Nye (D*)  vs.  Rigell (R)

Virginia 5th: Perriello (D*)  vs.  Hurt (R)

Virginia 9th: Boucher (D*)  vs.  Griffith (R)

Virginia 11th: Connolly (D*)  vs.  Fimian (R)

South Carolina

Governor Race : Haley (R)  vs.  Sheheen (D)

South Carolina 5th: Spratt (D*)  vs.  Mulvaney (R)


Governor Race : Deal (R)  vs.  Barnes (D)

Georgia 2nd: Bishop (D*)  vs.  Keown (R)

Georgia 8th: Marshall (D*)  vs.  Scott (R)

Georgia 11th: Barrow (D*)  vs.  McKinney (R)


Governor Race : Dubie (R)  vs.  Shumlin (D)

The following States close their polls at 7:00 to 7:30 PM

They are…. Ohio, North Carolina and West Virgina

Here are our Races to Watch…..


Governor Race: Strickland (D*)  vs.  Kasich (R)

Senate Race : Portman (R)  vs. Fisher (D)

Ohio 6th: Wilson (D*)  vs. Johnson (R

Ohio 13th: Sutton (D*)  vs.  Ganley (R)

Ohio 16th: Boccieri (D,*)  vs. Renacci (R)

Ohio 18th: Speace (D*)  vs.  Gibbs (R)

North Carolina

Senate Race: Burr (R)  vs.  Marshall  (D

North Carolina 7th: McIntyre (D*)  vs.  Pantano (R)

North Carolina 8th: Kissel (D*)  vs.  Johnson (R)

North Carolina 11th: Shuler (D*)  vs.  Miller (R)

West Virginia

Senate Race : Manchin (D)  vs.  Raese (R)

West Virginia 1st : Oliverio (D)  vs.  McKinley (R)

West Virginia 3rd: Rahall (D*)  vs.  Maynard (R)

The Polls close in the following States at 8:00 PM

They are ….

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Arkansas…

Here are our Races to Watch….


Governor Race : Bentley (R)  vs.  Sparks (D)

Senate Race: Shelby (R*)  vs. Barnes (D)

Alabama 2nd: Bright (D*)  vs. Roby (R)


Governor Race (Foley (R)  vs.  Malloy  (D)

Senate Race : Blumenthal (D)  vs.  McMahon

Connecticut 5th: Murphy (D) vs Sam Caligiuri (R)


Senate Race (Coons (D)  vs.  O’Donnell

Delaware House At-Large: Carney (D)  vs.  Urquhart (R)


Governor Race : Scott (R)  vs.  Sink (D

Senate Race : Rubio (R)  vs.  Crist (I)  vs.  Meek (D

Florida 2nd: Boyd (D*)  vs.  Southerland (R)

Florida 8th: Grayson (D*)  vs.  Webster (R)

Florida 16th: Rooney (R*)  vs.  Horn (D)

Florida 22nd: Klein (D*)  vs.  West (R)

Florida 24th: Kosmas (D*)  vs.  Adams (R)

Florida 24th Rivera (R)  vs.  Garcia (R)


Governor Race: Quinn (D*)  vs.  Brady (R

Senate Race : Giannoulias (D)  vs.  Kirk (R)

Illinois 10th : Dold (R)  vs.  Seals (D)

Illinois 11th: Halvorson (D*)  vs.  Kinzinger (R)

Illinois 14th: Foster (D*)  vs.  Hultgren (R)

Illinois 17th: Hare (D*)  vs.  Schilling (R)


Governor Race : Mitchell (D)  vs.  LePage (R)  vs.  Cutler (I)


Governor Race: O’Malley (D)  vs.  Ehrlich (D)

Senate Race: Mikulski (D*)  vs. Wargotz (R)

Maryland 1st: Kratovil (D*)  vs. Harris (R)


Governor Race: Patrick (D)  vs.  Baker  (R)  vs.  Cahill (I)

Massachusetts 10th : Keating (D)  vs. Perry  (R)


Mississippi 1st: Childers (D*)  vs.  Nunnelee (R)

Mississippi 4th: Taylor (D) vs Steven Palazzo (R)


Senate Race Blunt (R)  vs.  Carnahan (D)

Missouri 3rd: R. Carnahan (D*)  vs.  Martin (R)

Missouri 4th: Skelton (D*)  vs.  Hartzler  (R)

New Hampshire

Governor Race: Lynch (D)  vs.  Stephen  (R)

Senate Race : Ayotte (R)  vs.  Hodes  (D)

New Hampshire 1st: Shea-Porter (D*)  vs.  Guinta (R)

New Jersey

New Jersey 3rd: Adler (D*)  vs.  Runyan  (R)


Oklahoma 2nd: Boren (D*)  vs.  Thompson  (R)


Governor Race : Onorato (D)  vs.  Corbett  (R)

Senate Race : Sestak (D)  vs.  Toomey  (R)

Pennsylvania 3rd: Dahlkemper (D*)  vs.  Kelly (R)

Pennsylvania 4th: Altmire (D*)  vs.  Rothfus  (R)

Pennsylvania 7th: Lentz (D)  vs.  Meehan (R)

Pennsylvania 8th: P. Murphy (D*)  vs.  Fitzpatrick (R)

Pennsylvania 10th: Carney (D*)  vs.  Marino (R)

Pennsylvania 11th: Kanjorski (D*)  vs.  Barletta (R)

Pennsylvania 12th: Critz (D*)  vs.  Burns (R)

Pennsylvania 15th: Dent (R*)  vs.  Callahan (D)


Governor Race McWherter (D)  vs.  Haslam  (R)

Tennessee 4th : Davis (D)

Tennessee 8th : Tanner(D)


Senate Race

Blanche Lincoln (D)* John Boozman (R)

Governor Race

Mike Beebe (D)* Jim Keet (R)

District 1: Chad Causey (D) – Rick Crawford (R)

District 2: Joyce Elliott (D)Tim Griffin (R)

15 States will close their Polls at 9:00PM

These are …..

New York, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona….

Here are Races to Watch…..


US Senate RaceJohn McCain (R)* – Rodney Glassman (D)

Governor  RaceJan Brewer (R)* – Terry Goddard (D)

District 1: Ann Kirkpatrick (D)* – Paul Gosar (R)

District 5: Harry Mitchell (D)* – David Schweikert (R)

District 7: Raúl Grijalva (D)* – Ruth McClung (R)

District 8: Gabrielle Giffords (D)* – Jesse Kelly (R)


US Senate Race : Michael Bennet (D)* – Ken Buck (R)

Governor Race : John Hickenlooper (D) – Dan Maes (R)

District 3: John Salazar (D)* – Scott Tipton (R)

District 4: Betsy Markey (D)* – Cory Gardner (R)

District 7: Ed Perlmutter (D)* – Ryan Frazier (R)


US Senate: Jerry Moran (R)- Lisa Johnston (D)

Governor: Tom Holland (D) – Sam Brownback (R)

District 3: Stephene Moore (D) – Kevin Yoder (R)


US Senate: David Vitter (R)* – Charlie Melancon (D)

District 2: Joseph Cao (R)* – Cedric Richmond (D)


Governor Race: Rick Perry (R)*Bill White (D)

District 17: Chet Edwards (D)*Bill Flores (R)

District 19: Randy Neugebauer (R)*Andy Wilson (D)


Governor: Tom Emmer (R) – Mark Dayton (DFL)

District 1: Tim Walz (DFL)* – Randy Demmer (R)

District 8: Jim Oberstar (DFL)* – Chip Cravaack (R)


Governor: Dave Heineman (R)* – Mike Meister (D)

New Mexico

Governor: Diane Denish (D) – Susana Martinez (R)

District 1: Martin Heinrich (D)* – Jon Barela (R)

District 2: Harry Teague (D)* – Steve Pearce (R)

New York

US SenateChuck Schumer (D/IP/WF)* – Jay Townsend (R/C)

US Senate Special Election: Kirsten Gillibrand (D/IP/WF)* – Joe DioGuardi (R/C)

Governor: Andrew Cuomo (D/IP) – Carl Paladino (R/C/Taxpayers)

District 1: Tim Bishop (D/IP/WF)*Randy Altschuler (R/C)

District 4: Carolyn McCarthy (D/WF)*Fran Becker Jr. (R/C/IP/Tax Revolt)

District 13: Mike McMahon (D/IP)* – Mike Grimm (R/C)

District 19: John Hall (D/WF)* – Nan Hayworth (R/C/IP)

District 23: Bill Owens (D/WF)* – Matt Doheny (R/IP)

District 24: Mike Arcuri (D/NY Moderates)* Richard Hanna (R/C/IP)

District 25: Dan Maffei (D/WF)*Ann Marie Buerkle (R/C/IP)


US Senate: Russ Feingold (D)* – Ron Johnson (R)

Governor: Tom Barrett (D) – Scott Walker (R)

District 3: Kagenl (D)*Dan Kapanke (R)

District 7: Julie Lassa (D) – Sean Duffy (R)

District 8: Steve King (R)* – Matt Campbell (D)

These States close their voting at 10:00 PM

They are …..

Idaho, Iowa, Montana and Nevada…

Here are our Racse to Watch.….


Senate: Mike Crapo (R)* P. Tom Sullivan (D)

Governor: C.L. “Butch” Otter (R)* – (Keith Allred (D)

District 1: Walt Minnick (D)* – Raul Labrador (R)


Senate: Chuck Grassley (R)* – Roxanne Conlin (D)

Governor: Chet Culver (D)* – Terry Branstad (R)

District 2: Dave Loebsack (D)* Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R)

District 3:
Leonard Boswell (D)*Brad Zaun (R)


At Large:
Denny Rehberg (R)* – Dennis McDonald (D)


Senate: Harry Reid (D)* – Sharron Angle (R)

Governor: Brian Sandoval (R) – Rory Reid (D)

District 3: Dina Titus (D)* – Joe Heck (R)


Governor –Special Election:Gary Herbert (R)* – Peter Corroon (D)

These States close their voting at 11:00 PM

They are ….

California, Hawaii and Washington State

Here are our Races to Watch…


US Senate: Barbara Boxer (D)* – Carly Fiorina (R)

Governor: Meg Whitman (R) – Jerry Brown (D)

District 3: Dan Lungren (R)* – Ami Bera (D)

District 11: Jerry McNerney (D)* – David Harmer (R)

District 20: Jim Costa (D)* – Andy Vidak (R)


GovernorDuke Aiona (R) – Neil Abercrombie (D)

District 1: Charles Djou (R)* – (Colleen Hanabusa (D)


Senate: Patty Murray (D)* – Dino Rossi (R)

District 3: Denny Heck (D) – Jaime Herrera (R)

District 8: Dave Reichert (R)* – Suzan DelBene (D)

This State closes it’s voting at 12:00 AM

The Racs to  Watch….


SenateLisa Murkowski (R)*Joe Miller (R) – Scott McAdams (D)

Governor: Sean Parnell (R)* – Ethan Berkowitz (D)

* Are Incumbants….

Note : There are House races that seem to NOT have updated candidates listed….If you can….Please let me know about them….The information for these listings are from CQ Politics, Fivethirtyeigth and Politics1……

Highlighted races are links from Poitics1….If I get the time I will provide links for as many other races as I can…..



The Dog……

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