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US Jobless rate falls to 9% ……

Great news that must be balanced against a few things…….

The numbers may still include holiday hires….

The gas prices keep rising…..

And the problem with the states which are actually laying workers off…..

But this IS good news indeed……

The U.S. jobless rate unexpectedly fell in January to the lowest level since April 2009, while payrolls rose less than forecast, depressed by winter storms.

Unemployment declined to 9 percent last month from 9.4 percent in December, the Labor Department said today inWashington. Employers added 36,000 workers, the smallest gain in four months, after a 121,000 rise in December that was larger than initially reported. Payrolls were projected to climb 146,000, according to the median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey……


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Egypt Update 2/4/11…..Large Rally….Things calm down…..Mubarak still isn’t leaving anytime soon….


A couple of points……

The fact the Obama Administration is having back channel talks with Mubarak and Suleiman about leaving isn’t playing that well with the Egyptians , Israeli’s and the rest of the region…

Mohamed Ebaradei isn’t mentioned as a likely front runner for the President’s job reflecting his ties to the West….

But addition names are being mentioned to run in the fall ….or whenever elections are held in Egypt….

Shuleiman…Mubarak’s new Vice President is probably the White House’s choice to run the country which would make the all important Army happy…

But has stuck to defending Mubarak’s wait till the fall


The Army seems to have adopted a ‘wait and see’ posture…..

Tens of thousands of Egyptians are taking part in a “day of departure” to try to oust President Hosni Mubarak.

There is an increased army presence in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after unrest that has led to hundreds of casualties.

After Friday prayers were held in a relaxed atmosphere, the crowd started chanting for Mr Mubarak to go.

Mr Mubarak has said he is “fed up” with being in power but is resisting mounting pressure to resign as he says it will leave Egypt in chaos.

In his first interview since anti-government protests began, he told ABC News he would like to resign immediately. But he repeated that the country’s banned Islamist opposition group – the Muslim Brotherhood – would fill the power vacuum left by his absence.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei took issue with the president’s remarks, saying: “We as a people are fed up as well, it is not only him.

“The idea that there would be chaos is symptomatic of a dictatorship. He thinks if he leaves power the whole country will fall apart.”

A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Issam al-Aryan, also denied that it would put forward someone for the presidency, telling the BBC that it would prefer the opposition to nominate a consensus candidate.

“We want a civil state, based on Islamic principles. A democratic state, with a parliamentary system, with freedom to form parties, press freedom, and an independent and fair judiciary,” he added…….


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Feds get first shot at trying Tucson shooter….

Federal prosecutors will get the first crack at trying alleged Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner, federal and local officials said Friday.

Loughner will first be prosecuted by the Arizona district of the U.S. attorney’s office, and will then face prosecution by the Pima County attorney’s office, the two agencies announced in a joint statement. So far, Loughner has been charged with three federal crimes — including one for the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) — and is expected to face more charges there, on top of anticipated state charges.“

These cases,” the two offices said, “will be tried in sequence and will ensure that all rights of the victims and their families are vindicated.”


Throughout the weeks since the shooting, the agencies said, they have worked closely to investigate the case……



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