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Progressives going after GOPer’s who vote against Healthcare….


Progressives Target Republicans Over Health Care Vote

Paul Ryan


Progressive groups are again targeting Republicans in competitive districts for voting to repeal health care reform while accepting federally financed insurance.

Americans United for Change, Daily Kos, and Blue America have aligned to run radio ads in the districts of Reps. Charlie Bass (R-NH), Paul Ryan (R-WI), Sandy Adams (R-FL), and Leonard Lance (R-NJ).


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The Dream Act students fall back into limbo….

Six months ago illigal immigrant students in the UD rose up to push for a vote on the Dream Act …..

That act would give them a legal avenue to gain citizenship along with moving along citizen rights for those serving in the US military with green cards….

That did not happen…..

Republicans, especailly thouse in the Southwest are deadset against ANY lessing of the laws against illegal immigration….Nor are they for any immigration reform….


We now have a situation where those students who ‘came out’…..

Have their names in public….

They have gone back to lives…..

Being silent underground American’s……

With only the government’s ‘unoffical hands off ‘policy as their umbrella….


The president says he supports their cause, and immigration officials say illegal immigrant students with no criminal record are not among their priorities for deportation. But federal immigration authorities removed a record number of immigrants from the country last year, nearly 393,000, while the local police are rapidly expanding their role in immigration enforcement. Students often get caught.

Illegal immigrants also face new restrictions many states are imposing on their access to public education, driver’s licenses and jobs. And for those like Ms. Aguilar who came out last year to proclaim their illegal status, there is no going back to the shadows.

Republicans who will lead their party in the House on immigration issues say illegal immigrant students should not be spared from deportation. Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, led the opposition to the Dream Act in December, calling it “an American nightmare” that would allow illegal immigrants to displace American students from public colleges.

Mr. Smith and other Republicans on the judiciary committee have pledged to block any legislation giving legal status to illegal immigrants, which they reject as amnesty for lawbreakers.

In the weeks since the Senate vote, many young illegal immigrants are grappling with the letdown after a campaign that mobilized thousands of them for sit-in protests, mock graduation ceremonies and text message blitzes of Congressional lawmakers…..


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To Kill the Kill Switch or Not?……Should the Government be able to shut down the US internet?

This Discussion from Defense Tech’s Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent on the issue of a internet ‘Kill Switch’ for the US…..

We need to cut through all the clutter surrounding this issue. The proposed legislation of Sens. Susan Collins (R – ME.) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) actually restricts these so called “kill switch” powers and subjects the action to congressional review. The fundamental question is; does the President need to have emergency powers over the Internet during times of crisis and, if so, what are those powers?

Given our nation’s growing reliance on the Internet and its importance on our daily lives for everything from financial transactions to coordinating social activities, we do need the ability to protect this significant piece of our infrastructure from attacks/disruption resulting from hostile actions. Do we need a “Kill Switch”? — NO! The President already has the authority to invoke what is being referred to as a “Kill Switch” and I am having a hard time modeling an attack that would require such action. Who looked at this technically? What is the impact on SCADA systems,  if they experience a successful cyber attack, are the programmed to fail safely?

What’s your thoughts?……
This from Politicaldog101.com….

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