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To Kill the Kill Switch or Not?……Should the Government be able to shut down the US internet?

This Discussion from Defense Tech’s Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent on the issue of a internet ‘Kill Switch’ for the US…..

We need to cut through all the clutter surrounding this issue. The proposed legislation of Sens. Susan Collins (R – ME.) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) actually restricts these so called “kill switch” powers and subjects the action to congressional review. The fundamental question is; does the President need to have emergency powers over the Internet during times of crisis and, if so, what are those powers?

Given our nation’s growing reliance on the Internet and its importance on our daily lives for everything from financial transactions to coordinating social activities, we do need the ability to protect this significant piece of our infrastructure from attacks/disruption resulting from hostile actions. Do we need a “Kill Switch”? — NO! The President already has the authority to invoke what is being referred to as a “Kill Switch” and I am having a hard time modeling an attack that would require such action. Who looked at this technically? What is the impact on SCADA systems,  if they experience a successful cyber attack, are the programmed to fail safely?

What’s your thoughts?……
This from Politicaldog101.com….

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