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Chris Christie…He is the leader of all of the state’s budget cutting?…Psst!…NJ residents highest taxed in the country?

Ever since Ann Coulter’s started pushing the New Jersey Governor’s name around the media he has become a media icon……

A GOPer in a moderately blue state……

One has to carefully check the hype from the real world actions…

It seems that New Jersey Governor has overstated his influence on the national stage in his recent budget message as the leader of budget cuts among the states…….

While his resdients may the highest taxed in the country…..


Few national media types remember the Governor’s troubles in the past….


If he keeps trying to raise his profile I’m sure the Democrats will be sure to inform the media and the public of those transgressions….

And his stretching abilities…

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey leaving the State Assembly chambers at the end of his state budget speech on Tuesday.

The governor is taking credit for austerity budgets nationwide…..

( Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times)



“This year, look at how other states are following New Jersey,” he said. “Democratic governors and Republican governors now look to New Jersey as a beacon of hope for what can happen when leaders lead and a people sacrifice as one for the future of our children.”

Mr. Christie listed actions by governors in New York, Wisconsin and Ohio as among the copycat examples. Twice he cited Jerry Brown, the Democratic governor of California, who has proposed lower pay and layoffs for state employees.

Asked on Wednesday whether his boss saw Mr. Christie’s New Jersey as a road map, Gil Duran, Mr. Brown’s press secretary, said, “We are focused on what is happening in Sacramento, not what is happening in Trenton.”

Another Democrat cited by Mr. Christie, Andrew M. Cuomo, has rarely made any public mention of the governor.

Not surprisingly, Republicans have been more effusive. When Mr. Christie campaigned for him last fall, John R. Kasich, now the governor of Ohio, called him “a great American leader.” AndScott Walker, now the Wisconsin governor, told The Wall Street Journal, “Chris Christie is the primo example of how you turn around government.”

But their offices did not return calls seeking reaction on Wednesday to Mr. Christie’s self-congratulations…..


Oh, Yea and then there is this…..

Garden State residents forked over 12.2 percent of their income to state and local taxes, marking the third straight year New Jersey was the highest taxed




This from Politicaldog101….

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