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Why are we paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….If Cushing Oklahoma has plenty of Oil?…..

I was watching CNBC this morning while walking on my treadmill….

The morning anchor…

What’s his name was having a grand ole’ Monday morning….

He was talking to some on scene reporter that was wearing a hard hat and  standing in front oil tanks as far you could see in Cushing, Oklahoma


For those of us who don’t know these things…..

When those who do know how to order oil futures…

They are talking about deposits in Cushing…..

Most of US and Canadian oil production goes thru Cushing’s pipes and tanks…..


Well folks here the secret that the jolly CNBC guy is laughing about while I’m paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….

Cushing has a LOT of OIL….

The reporter out there squinting into the camera smiles uncomfortably and tells the jolly anchor….

Yep…..Texas and other states are actually producing record amounts of OIL along with the Canadians……

Confirming my theory that the rapid rise in oil and gas prices has little to do with the supply of oil in this country…


The jolly fellow in the studio in New York keeps chuckling…

And I start cursing all of those guys who are making money driving the prices up so they can deposit more money in their checking accounts

And the dipshit financial reporters who could careless….

While I have to get gas every two days because the price is so high $20 lasts  that long….



The capitalist capital of the world….

Where else could a damn anchor on a TV station sit on camera and laugh about how the public is getting screwed in plain daylight

And the media doesn’t think this is important story?


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Charlie Sheen is a mess….Most people love it…..

I’ve seen quite a few celebrities ‘burn out’ in plain view….I really hope this man isn’t another one…..

I’m no one to judge another….

But this guy seems to have no limits in what he can afford to do….

He tested negative for drugs so thats good….

But he needs to slow down…


Charlie Sheen in an interview with Andrea Canning of ABC. He has tried to use the media to rehabilitate his image.


Mr. Sheen took a drug test on Saturday and allowed the results — negative — to be revealed on Monday on “Good Morning America” on ABC. He also assured the “Today” show on NBCthat he had cured himself of substance abuse. “I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind,” is how he put it.

But a urine sample and a blood test can’t trace what troubles Mr. Sheen at the moment: he is addicted to explaining himself on the air.

His dependence is not unique. Troubled politicians and celebrities often turn to television and radio to retune their images radically — it’s a One Step program to persuade themselves of their own powers of persuasion. And self-delusion has no borders. The embattled Libyan leader, Col.Muammar el-Qaddafi, is turning out to be the Charlie Sheen of Middle Eastern dictators — he couldn’t resist a chance to tellChristiane Amanpour that there have been no anti-government demonstrations in Tripoli. “They love me,” he said of his people in an interview scheduled for this week on ABC.

Mr. Sheen’s grandiose rants on the nation’s two leading morning talk shows — and via live stream on the gossip Web site TMZ — were more unmoored than most, but he showed all the usual symptoms of an insulated star with an unreasoned belief in his own invulnerability. (“20/20” is showing the full interview on ABC on Tuesday.)

Asked if he was bipolar, Mr. Sheen said he was “bi-winning.”


Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson

[Charlie Sheen and Bree Olson]

First Charlie Sheen surpassed Moammar Khadafy in nuttiness. Then he soared past 300,000 followers on Twitter.

Sheen started a Twitter feed this afternoon and within a couple of hours had crossed the 100,000 mark, before even posting anything.

In a second post, he wrote, “Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show… I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer….”

His short Twitter bio describes him as an “Unemployed Winner….”

Sheen has repeatedly used the term ‘winning’ to describe how things are going for him in recent days.


When he did make his first tweet — just before 7 p.m. eastern time — it simply said, “Winning! Choose your vice.”

The photo he linked to from the post showed him with one of his girlfriends, Bree Olson. She holds a Naked fruit shake and he holds chocolate milk…..


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Big Retail Companies Require Applicants To Disclose Their Age before hiring….

Aren’t they NOT supposed to do that?

Oh, wait…..

They are not supposed to use age as a determining factor in hiring……

Ok….That’s it….Right???


Several of the nation’s biggest employers, including Target, Kroger and Home Depot, require job applicants to disclose their date of birth in the online application, a practice that employment discrimination lawyers say seems a little fishy.

“It’s not per se discrimination to ask for your date of birth or age or some other age-identifying information on a job application, but when there’s a claim that EEOC’s investigating, we’re going to closely scrutinize what we see on the form,” said Ray Peeler, a senior attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “It definitely makes the EEOC look a little harder at what’s going on.”

Kroger’s online application says that a candidate’s birthday is used “to ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the employment of minors or establishing age requirements for certain tasks,” and that the age of anyone 21 years old or older “will not be seen by the hiring manager.” Human resources representatives at Target and Home Depot told HuffPost an applicant’s age is only used for the purpose of background checks after the person has been hired.

But Susan Heathfield, a human resources expert who regularly writes and consults on hiring issues, said a company should never ask for a person’s specific age or Social Security number until after that person is hired……


This post from Politicaldog101…..

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Stop-gap spending Bill will be approved by BOTH House’s…No Government shut down for 2 Weeks….

The thing will be to fashion another stop-gap bill agreeement and then deal with the Federal Government deficit ceiling….


Then come back and handle the rest of the 2011 spending bill , and THEN on to 2012…..

(I don’t think Congress is going to easily deal with the huge cuts the GOP newbie’s want….)

The GOP maybe claiming victory…

But cuts are coming and most of these cuts approved are from things that the Democrats could live with…

Gonna be interesting to see what happens when the money is scrubbed from some of the local projects that state already thought would be funded…

Done deal on a $4 billion cut gives Republicans spending victory

The House approved a stopgap spending resolution in a landslide vote to slash spending by $4 billion over two weeks.…


House Passes Stopgap Spending Measure


House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)


By a vote of 335-91 — including a majority of Democrats — the House voted Tuesday afternoon to slash $4 billion in federal spending between March 4 and March 18.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate should adopt this package word for word within 48 hours, which will prevent a government shutdown.

The real shutdown fight begins now, as House and Senate leaders put their heads together over a longer-term spending bill, to keep the government running through September.




Despite steep cuts, Reid says Senate Dems will pass House GOP plan

The Senate majority leader called short-term spending measures “a terrible way to govern” but said Democrats will pass it.…

This Post from Politicaldog101…..


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