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Big Retail Companies Require Applicants To Disclose Their Age before hiring….

Aren’t they NOT supposed to do that?

Oh, wait…..

They are not supposed to use age as a determining factor in hiring……

Ok….That’s it….Right???


Several of the nation’s biggest employers, including Target, Kroger and Home Depot, require job applicants to disclose their date of birth in the online application, a practice that employment discrimination lawyers say seems a little fishy.

“It’s not per se discrimination to ask for your date of birth or age or some other age-identifying information on a job application, but when there’s a claim that EEOC’s investigating, we’re going to closely scrutinize what we see on the form,” said Ray Peeler, a senior attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “It definitely makes the EEOC look a little harder at what’s going on.”

Kroger’s online application says that a candidate’s birthday is used “to ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the employment of minors or establishing age requirements for certain tasks,” and that the age of anyone 21 years old or older “will not be seen by the hiring manager.” Human resources representatives at Target and Home Depot told HuffPost an applicant’s age is only used for the purpose of background checks after the person has been hired.

But Susan Heathfield, a human resources expert who regularly writes and consults on hiring issues, said a company should never ask for a person’s specific age or Social Security number until after that person is hired……


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