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Scott Walker could sink the Republican’s in 2012….…


I said that here in a post ….

And since Keith points out that don’t do enough ‘discussion’ pieces here…

Here’s one….


The Governor of Wisconsin …All by himself …..

Has put the Unionized workers of this country that they have a big bullseye on their back…

His rush to put the government unions out of business in his state started out as a budget thing…

But quickly moved to what the Governor and his GOP friends have smarted about since 2008….

Union support of Democrats….

Walker has been after unions since he was the Milwaukee Country Executive….

Where he fired the union providing security for the counties court system and brought in a non – union contractor…

That decision was recently overturned in court….


From the jump Walker has admitted that he doesn’t like unions…..


Because now he’s in a fight he didn’t think he’d have…

And EVERYBODY is watching….


Mitch Daniel’s the Governor of Indiana did almost the same thing Walker wants to do five years ago….

Without the noise…

So I guess he’s better at talking people’s benefits than Walker…

The only good thing about Daniels is …

Now that Walker has blown the lid off things …..

Daniel has no chance to make it to the White House….


Anyways back to the point here…

The galvanizing of support from the public….

In Wisconsin and around the country is a godsend for the Democrats..

Who watched with horror as the GOP sweep them out of office in the House last November….


Their base is coming alive…..

The question is…

Will they be able to carry the anger along for another 20 or so months into the 2012 elections?

From Politicaldog101….


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I just paid $3.67 for a gallon of gas…..


I’m pissed…..

But the best thing about this  IS this……

While standing on-line at the Deli counter at the supermarket…

The topic of conversation was the GAS PRICES!……


The last time I remember this happening was the end of Carter’s one term wonder…

Now  I’m not suggesting that Obama is gonna be another Carter….

He’s far from that right now….



If things start to go sideways with the economy…..again..

And gas stays above $4.00 a gallon (It’s going there for sure)….

Then I don’t agree with Nate Silver’s assessment that the price of gas won’t have amajor impact on the Presidential races….


Plain and simple….

We all agreed that Obama is a lock for another term is the economy is doing okay…

That isn’t the case right now….

And the way the GOP newbie’s are tearing at the budget it looks like things are gonna get worst….

IF….and that’s a big IF….

The electorate blames Congress and the GOP for this …..

Than Obama

Is a lock….

But If things start to drop again and Obama stands by waiting to see which way the wind blows, as he usually does , before jumping in…

Then all bets are off…..


That would be fucked up…..

The GOP newbie’s wreck the economy along with their rich friends on Wall Street, and in the Banks, who get a pss….

Just to get the Presidency?…..


Do these people have a soul?

From Politicaldog101…


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