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Democratic Wisconsin State Senators will return to vote on Governor Walker’s Law….

Their hope with returning and the Governore’s union busting law passing is that the Wisconsin Governor has dug himself into a deep enough hole that he’ll hurt himself  and come up for recall…and that he will lit a fire under labor and Democrats at home and around the country…..

We’ll see….

The Wisconsin Governor can see he won this, eh?

Democratic Sen. Mark Miller said the Democrats intend to let the full Senate vote and potentially pass Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget-repair” bill, which would also limit public unions’ collective bargaining rights. The Democrats believe that the measure lacks voter support based on recent polls and that passage could hurt Republicans politically, Mr. Miller said.

He said the Democrats, who fled to Illinois on Feb. 17, also want to fight Mr. Walker’s recently announced two-year budget plan, which cuts spending by $4.2 billion, or 6.7%, including $1.25 billion less in state aid to schools and local governments.

“We are now looking at returning to the state capitol and requiring the senators to take a vote and have them declare who they’re with — the workers or the governor,” Mr. Miller said Sunday. He said he thinks recent polls have been “disastrous” for Mr. Walker and give Democrats more leverage to seek budget changes.

Chris Schrimpf, a spokesman for the governor, said, “If the governor made his decisions based on polling, he would still be in the general assembly. The voters elected people to make the difficult decisions to balance the budget and create an environment where 250,000 jobs can be created by the private sector.”


From Politicaldog101….

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