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The Rep. Peter King Muslim Hearings…..

This Dog is of two minds on Rep. Peter Kings (R-NY) Theatre up on Capital Hill….

While I am a bit alarmed that media tilt to the Hearings might push the branding of the McCarthy era…

I have to say that I applaud the Congressman from down road from me for coming out of the closet on the issue….


Right after 9/11, there was a local Yemeni store worker that point to the 9/11 headlines and smiled in front of me…

I stopped going to that store….

The guy lost all of his regular customers and was replaced in the store by another family member that is a US citizen a has his kids in out local schools….

He does not bring the incident up….

Yet I an aware of several cases where Muslim  parents raised US born children…Only to see them become radicalized and sneak away to join the ’cause’…


If Peter King’s hearings can help the parents who are suffering then that’s good….

If Federal, State and local police can testify that there HAVE been Muslims that come forth to help keep America safe….

Then that IS good…..


There is a problem with American born or naturalized citizens doing harm to their fellow Americans…


Sunlight and knowledge of these issuers are good for ALL  Americans to see and understand….

As american’s are christians, jews and muslims….

We all blend together to form a beautiful somewhat flawed country that is the greatest in the world…

We MUST be vigilant against those theat would do us harm…

But as we the American people have always been..

We must fight our demons to be tolerant and to continue accepting those that are different from us…

But want to BE us….


It is the strength and the lifeblood of this great nation…

Representative Peter King during a hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims in Washington on Thursday.


(Stephan Crowley/NY Times )

Representative Peter T. King, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and represents parts of Long Island, said there was “nothing radical or un-American” in the hearings.


“Indeed, Congressional investigation of Muslim American radicalization is the logical response to the repeated and urgent warnings which the Obama administration has been making in recent months,” he said in his opening statement.

Mr. King quoted top Obama administration officials as attesting to the threat of homegrown terrorism, listing a half-dozen American citizens and residents accused of plotting or carrying out violence in the name of Islam since 2009.

But the committee’s top Democrat, Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, said Muslims as a community should not be accused of radicalism or violence. He suggested that such accusations could play into the hands of Al Qaedaby supporting its claim that the United States is hostile to Islam.

“I cannot help but wonder whether this hearing, focused on the Muslim American community, will be used to inspire a new generation of suicide bombers,” Mr. Thompson said. Noting his own roots in Mississippi, he also referred to Mr. King’s Irish heritage; some critics of Mr. King have noted that he was a strong supporter of the Irish Republican Armywhen it carried out terrorist attacks in the 1980s…..


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As the rebels recapture ground…One wonders…Will Obama be the President that lost Democracy in the Middle East?…

From the jump…..

On our little poll here the numbers read like this….(they are tiny numbers )

Should Obama do No-Fly Zones and other military action…..

No….45% None….

Yes….18% to evacuate people

No…..Let NATO take the lead


So among the readers of this blog…..

The President of the America IS doing the right thing by NOT doing anything….


But I wonder how this doing nothing is gonna play on the domestic and world stage?

That question may….


May not be important …

I’m sure the big boys polling have come down close to the results here…


But right now the President is taking heat from both US political parties on NOT doing anything to help the opposition in Libya… do anything….

This about the same thing that happens in Iran every few years..

The US hops up the population…

They mound demonstrations…

They get taken out…

Again and again….


This time…

If Gaddafi is able to retake Libya back in a civil war things aren’t going be so nice….

The US and NATO will shown other rulers in the area that they will let them carry their own fight to their population…..

The American push for democracy will ring hallow….

And the bad guys will be happy to ramp up their oil prices and give us the finger….

Is all this worth the abuse…..


I  know sometimes you swallow hard and move on….

Is this one of those times for the President?

But this will be no joke in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other capital’s…

The US will not fight anymore…


The American’s are tired…

And they want to go home….


Which is of course true…..


A lot of people are mad at James Clapper , the US Director of National Intelligence, because he got it right today when he told the Senate Foreign Relations Panel that if no one comes to help the Libyan rebels….

They will lose their battle with Gaddafi’s forces in the end….


Everyone’s tired….

They want to send the troops home…

The questions are….

Will the World take rest also while we do?

And ….

Will President Obama….Following his Defense Secretary’s advice …In fighting no more…

Be the guy who helped cure  ’Democracy fever’ in the Middle East and North Africa…..

From Politicaldog101….

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Wisconsin Legislators’s Pass Governor Walkers Law….


Wisconsin Assembly Passes Walker’s Anti-Union Bill


The Wisconsin state Assembly has passed Gov. Scott Walker’s bill to roll back the rights of public employee unions, capping off a month of protest and controversy that has gripped the state. The bill now heads to Walker for his signature.

The final vote count was 53-42. It followed Wednesday night’s passage in the Senate, and the surprise maneuver that Republicans had undertaken to move ahead on the anti-union provisions on their own. The GOP prepared a new bill that stripped out clearly fiscal elements, allowing them to move ahead without need for a three-fifths quorum required to vote on budget bills — though Democrats have argued that the bill still contains fiscal elements, and they could potentially challenge it on that basis.

In Thursday’s Assembly session — which was delayed due to a security lockdown of the Capitol — the Democrats, clad in specially printed orange T-shirts that declared their labor solidarity, delivered many speeches and lodged many motions, in part to register their protest and in part to delay the vote. By contrast, only a few Republicans spoke, speaking of their concerns about maintaining the state’s finances, making hard choices and avoiding layoffs by relieving the financial pressures on local governments.

A new series of battles in the state now seems all but assured. Democrats have pledged to recall the Republican members of the state Senate who are eligible, under the state law requiring at least one year of a term to be completed, and then to go after Walker next year.


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