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The count from the storms climbs…Obama and family tours the area…Federal Emergency declared….

President Obama during a visit to Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Friday

(Doug Mills/The New York Times)

The death toll climbs in the wake of the storm that SE gave us a heads up on….

The damage from the storm extends from Texas up thru Virginia….

The President and the Administration has tried to get as much action as possible going right away hoping to not have a

political issue on their hands like Katrina or the Gulf Spill….

“I’ve never seen devastation like this,” Mr. Obama said during a tour of this college town, according to The Associated Press. “We’re going to make sure you’re not forgotten.”

Nearly 300 people across six states died in the storms, with the vast majority — 213 people — in Alabama. Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama, has in some places been shorn to the slab, and accounts for at least 36 of those deaths.

Thousands have been injured, and untold more have been left homeless, hauling their belongings in garbage bags or rooting through disgorged piles of wood and siding to find anything salvageable.

By Friday morning, gasoline and other supplies were getting difficult to find in parts of Alabama. County emergency directors cautioned people to not show up to help.

“They don’t yet have an infrastructure to handle donations or volunteers,” Phyllis Little, the Coleman County emergency management director, told a Birmingham television station. “Right now, we’re not in a ready mode to receive donations or volunteers yet. We are working toward that. Hopefully by tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll have better answers.”


From Politicaldog101….

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Why are we paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….If Cushing Oklahoma has plenty of Oil?…..Repost 4/22/11

(This post was orignally done on February 28, 2011)

I was watching CNBC this morning while walking on my treadmill….

The morning anchor…

What’s his name was having a grand ole’ Monday morning….

He was talking to some on scene reporter that was wearing a hard hat and  standing in front oil tanks as far you could see in Cushing, Oklahoma

For those of us who don’t know these things…..

When those who do know how to order oil futures…

They are talking about deposits in Cushing…..

Most of US and Canadian oil production goes thru Cushing’s pipes and tanks…..

Well folks here the secret that the jolly CNBC guy is laughing about while I’m paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….

Cushing has a LOT of OIL….

The reporter out there squinting into the camera smiles uncomfortably and tells the jolly anchor….

Yep…..Texas and other states are actually producing record amounts of OIL along with the Canadians……

Confirming my theory that the rapid rise in oil and gas prices has little to do with the supply of oil in this country…

The jolly fellow in the studio in New York keeps chuckling…

And I start cursing all of those guys who are making money driving the prices up so they can deposit more money in their checking accounts

And the dipshit financial reporters who could careless….

While I have to get gas every two days because the price is so high $20 lasts  that long….


The capitalist capital of the world….

Where else could a damn anchor on a TV station sit on camera and laugh about how the public is getting screwed in plain daylight

And the media doesn’t think this is important story?

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Arrests of illegal crossers along the Southwest border dropped more than two-thirds from 2000 to 2010…

Border fence

The desert sand east of San Luis, Ariz., is imprinted with Border Patrol tracks in this 2007 photo. New stadium lighting, triple fencing, more border agents and the recession are credited with a plunge in the numbers of illegal crossings in the Southwest since 2000. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

Last night a commentor lamented the call by this Dog and the President for Immigration reform….

The post was long and criticized ANY let up in illegal immigration enforcement….

That same posted should read this linked piece…

The Illegal immigration problem is fading….

While there will always be illegals….

There really isn’t any reason to keep hiring more Border Patrol people….

Nor is there any reason to build anymore fences or walls….

It seems that a lousy economy has slowed the influx of people better than any wall, border patrol person , or other Government law enforcement tool….

Enough with this more enforcement bullshit…

We need reform of the laws to address the problems in the current system that penalized people who serve this country and can’t get citizenship….

We need a system to not ship out young children that only know America as their country….

And a way to address needs of this country for people who can help it grow and prosper….

Wild foot chases and dust-swirling car pursuits may be the adrenaline-pumping stuff of recruitment efforts, but agents on the U.S.-Mexico border these days have to deal with a more mundane occupational reality: the boredom of guarding a frontier where illegal crossings have dipped to record low levels.

Porous corridors along the 2,000-mile border do remain, mostly in the Tucson area, requiring constant vigilance. But beefed-up enforcement and the job-killing effects of the great recession have combined to reduce the flood of immigrants in many former hot spots to a trickle.

Apprehensions along the Southwest border overall dropped more than two-thirds from 2000 to 2010, from 1.6 million to 448,000, and almost every region has lonely posts where agents sit for hours staring at the barrier, watching the “fence rust” as some put it.

“When the traffic stops … of course it’s going to be difficult for the agents to stay interested,” said Supervisory Agent Ken Quillin, from the agency’s Yuma, Ariz., sector. “I understand guys have a tough time staying awake…. they didn’t join the border patrol to sit on an X,” Quillin added, using the slang term for line watch duty……


We now need to seperate the fact of this issue from the hyped fiction….

From Politicaldog 101…

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Teens Say High School Doesn’t Prepare Them For College, Jobs….

From Jezebel….

A large amount of public schools are married to test score’s and set in stone standard’s….

School’s need to do less advance math…..

And more basic Home economics stuff…

Basic’s of computers, balancing a checkbook, basic first aid…..

And yes…..

Sex education…..

And above all…

Good study habits….

Guidance couslers need to reach out to students that need help in moving on to college…

But one of the problems with this survey and young High School students is this….

Once you leave the halls of your High School….

Dilley High School held its annual College Day event on October 20, 2009.


You’re on your own…

And that’s not something a High School is supposed to do….

Anna North — Kids today aren’t especially satisfied with their high schools, especially when it comes to preparing them for the real world. They’re more enthusiastic about college — but a lot of them need help getting there.

According to an AP-Viacom poll, just 40% of high school students are very satisfied with their schools, while a fifth are unsatisfied. College students are a lot happier — 6 in 10 say they’re “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their institution. But high schools aren’t necessarily helping kids reach this point — while 56% say their high school prepare them well for more school, many still had complaints. Writes the AP’s Connie Cass, “a majority say their school wasn’t good at helping them choose a field of study, aiding them in finding the right college or vocational school or assisting them in coming up with ways to pay for more schooling.” And many students felt high school didn’t prepare them for the workforce, either: they said their schools failed at “exposing them to the latest technology in their field and helping them get work experience.”


From Politicaldog101….

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The President brings up Immigration Reform to a captive crowd…He can’t do it alone though….

Certainly aware of the new Census numbers ….

The President of the United States talked up Immigration Reform….

The problem is…

With the GOP as the majority in the House…

There isn’t a prayer for any such bill’s passage…


The best way for any bill passing to reform immigration would be for Latino’s and Hispanic’s along will ALL the other people who immigrate to this country to vote against GOPer’s and Democrats who don’t support immigration legislation’s passage in 2012….

Once those people have been defeated or won in narrow races…

THEN the President should press for passage of a bill….

I do not need to bring up the fate of the ‘Dream Act’ which galvanized strong negative reaction from the right in both the Republican AND Democratic party….

The fate of Immigration Legislation is tied up in simple politics…

As the SouthWest begins to cool down with the realization that eventually Latino’s will out number Anglo’s….

The politics will eventually change…

How soon is anyones guess…

But blaming the President simply is NOT going to solve the problem…

He can’t do it alone….

President Obama told a gathering of business, labor, religious and political leaders at the White House on Tuesday that he remains committed to an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws and wants to try again in the coming months to push Congress to pass a bill.

With his re-election campaign launched this month and Latino communities growing increasingly frustrated with his immigration policies, Mr. Obama summoned more than 60 high-profile supporters of the stalled overhaul legislation to a strategy session, looking for ways to revive it. Among those attending were MayorMichael R. Bloomberg of New York, an independent; Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, a Democrat; and former Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, a Republican.

Two big-city police chiefs, Raymond W. Kelly of New York and Charles Ramsey of Philadelphia, were there, as was Sheryl Sandberg, a top executive at Facebook, and Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, the largest group of evangelical Christians.

Prospects for the proposed policy, which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants and revamp the immigration system, seem bleak in this Congress, with staunch Republican opponents of the bill controlling pivotal committee positions in the House of Representatives. Recently Latino leaders have stepped up their criticism of Mr. Obama, as deportations have reached record numbers under his administration and he has offered no relief from the crackdown on immigrant communities.

Latino voters helped several Democrats, including Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, survive the Republican shift in the midterm elections last fall, and they are expected to be a major force in the presidential vote next year.

In the closed meeting, Mr. Obama argued that the overhaul would bring immigrant entrepreneurs to the United States and was a crucial piece of the economic recovery, according to several people who attended…..


From Politicaldog101…

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S&P may cut US Bond ratings…..A wake up call?….


The United States Government has a triple -A rating on its Bonds…..

If S&P startes a  down grade going…

This will further cost the government and you and me….

The market has not taken this news well….

And while Congress is at home on recess….

This IS a warning to Democrats and Obama that the financial people want the bullshit done with..

And solution put down on paper….

Man I wouldn’t want to be the people who issued this….

(They are going to be under HUGE pressure by the US Government to ease this advisory)

You know S&P is going after the concept that the deficit doesn’t really matter….


Playing into the Tea Party and Conservative hands….

(Politics is alawys involved on this level of things )

Leaving the Democratic ‘social safety net ‘ concept  out in the cold….

But basically I give S&P credit….

Budgets are and always will be political documents…

All this noise and theatre needs to calm down…

The House GOP and the President need to sit down in a room 

And lock the doors until they can come to agreement on a plan that will address the Debt Ceiling AND the 2012 budget…..

It  is simply NOT fair to American’s…..

And the world that these people are fighting over this countries future as anextension of Barack Obama becoming President….

He’s got the job people…

Move on…

This IS about all of America…..

Not just the Rich, the Poor..and the Middle Class…

But this IS gonna take cuts and a increase in taxes….

“More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, U.S. policy makers have still not agreed on how to reverse recent fiscal deterioration or address longer-term fiscal pressures,” S&P credit analyst Nikola G. Swann said. He said the rating agency puts the chance of a U.S. downgrade within two years at least one-in-three.

The move comes amid continued hand-wringing over the balance sheet of the world’s largest economy and disagreement among politicians on how to address fiscal woes as economic growth remains tepid.

S&P said Monday it sees material risk that policymakers might not agree on how to address budgetary challenges by 2013, which would render the U.S. fiscal profile weaker than that of other triple-A-rated countries.

S&P said Monday the U.S.’s rating is supported by its flexible and highly diversified economy and a consistent global preference for the U.S. dollar, which gives it “unique external liquidity.”

A senior Treasury Department official said that Standard & Poor’s negative outlook underestimates the country’s ability to face fiscal challenges…..


From Politicaldog101……

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Who keeps winning?

The story in the political junkies news over the last 36 hours is the bambozzelment of the House GOPers…..

While the media may be still screaming the echo’s of the last months GOP iron fisted demands….

The fact is…

Obama and the Senate Democrats out foxed Boehner and the House newbies…..


Without fan fair there have be stories coming out in the past 24 hours that the ACTUAL budget cuts for 2011 are anywhere from $17B to less than $1B….

Now I DO remember the newly elected GOP House members and their Tea Party friends demanding $100B in cuts….

That didn’t happen…

Did it?

We now see House GOP Boehner trying to put a good face on being fleeced by the Democrats who used the Senate Democrats, House Democrats and a dealing President to again sell the GOP snake oil….

As with the first budget bill fight……

Just when the GOP thought they had everybody on the ropes…..

They didn’t…..

I said this several times …

Everybody keep bitching about Obama not having any balls (I certainly have)

But again…

The guy and the Democrats get shit done….

Schumer and Reid have taken the lead from Pelosi…

And Reid the old boxer keeps giving good rounds in the Senate…..

Just like his re-election run…..

The Democrats are rolling along fine folks…

No draconian cuts…

And taxing the rich is still being pushed along with dialogue about more cuts….

And will likely do fine with the Debt Ceiling (that HAS to be raised ) fight….

That make sense

I hope the GOP Governors keep messing with everyone…

The Dem’s may lose the Senate…

But they  ARE gonna have gains in the House…

And a newly re-elected President come next November….

For sure….

From Politicaldog101

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The Foreign Desk…4/17/11….France, Libya, Japan, Syria, Cuba…..

From the BBC…..

Italian police wait for Tunisian migrants at Ventimiglia train station, on March 31, 2011.

France stops Italy migrant trains

A row escalates as French authorities block Italian trains in an attempt to stop migrants from north Africa entering the country……

UN Libya mission is ‘difficult’

David Cameron said the UK was not occupying or invading but said these restrictions imposed by the UN made the mission in Libya more difficult.

But he stressed the restrictions were the “right” ones.

It comes amid reports of fresh fighting between pro-Gaddafi forces and rebels…..

Japan unveils nuclear crisis plan

Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) aims to reduce radiation leaks in three months and to cool the reactors within nine months.

The utility said it also plans to cover the reactor building, which was hit by a huge quake and tsunami on 11 March.

Nearly 14,000 people died and another 14,000 are still unaccounted for.

Tepco unveiled its roadmap as Hillary Clinton briefly visited Tokyo to pledge America’s “steadfast support” for Japan’s reconstruction…..

Syria state of emergency ‘to end’

The lifting of the 48-year-old emergency law has been a key demand of the protesters.

On Friday, tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied in the capital, Damascus, in one of the biggest turnouts since protests began.

While he repeated his view that his country was facing a conspiracy, Mr Assad said he did not believe the lifting of the state of emergency would destabilise Syria.

The Syrian leader told the cabinet a legal commission asked to examine the lifting of the law had come to its conclusions.

“I think the commission has finished its work, on Thursday, and the recommendations will be given to the government so that they become law immediately. I don’t know how many days it will take you and I think that the maximum deadline for the lifting of the state of emergency will be next week,” he said…..

Castro calls for Cuba term limits

President Castro was speaking at the start of the first congress of Cuba’s ruling Communist Party in 14 years.

He said the party leadership was in need of renewal and should subject itself to severe self-criticism.

The proposal is unprecedented under Cuban communism.

Mr Castro, 79, made clear the limits would apply to himself.

He took over from his brother Fidel in 2008 and between them they have ruled Cuba for 52 years.

He acknowledged that “the confidence of the majority of Cubans had been tested, with regard to the party and the revolution”……..

From Politicaldog101…..

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Al-Jazeera is suddenly in…

Washington-based Al-Jazeera anchors Ghida Fakhry (left) and Dave Marash (center) prepare for a rehearsal in 2006. | Reuters Photo

Things sometimes change 

With the political winds

Don’t they?

“They are a really important media entity, and we have a really great relationship with them,” said Dana Shell Smith, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for international media engagement, who speaks Arabic and has frequently appeared on the channel. “This administration has empowered those of us who actually do the communicating to be in a close relationship with Al-Jazeera. They understand that the relationship can’t consist of complaining to each other about the differences we have.”

The differences also have shrunk as the big story in the Middle East has shifted from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the democratic movements sweeping the region. In the recent uprisings, U.S. interests tended to line up with Al-Jazeera’s, and President Barack Obama alluded to both the network’s influence and its pro-democracy bent in remarks caught on an open mic during a closed-door fundraiser last week……


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Another view on why the French and Brits jumped into Libya….And pulled us in too…


I’m tired …..

But while riding around with my wife this afternoon and evening I tuned into POTUS Satellite Radio….

They were doing the replay of the morning Press Pool radio show….

Louise Schiavone was filling in for the Joe Mathieu and she had  Llewellyn King on….

She got into a discussion about Libya…

And Llewellyn went on about a another reason for the mess in and over Libya…..

King invited that while the big deal about the Libyan “Civil War”  in this country was framed in the term of media pictures of people getting hurt from Gaddafi’s troops…

The REAL reason for the French flexing and the Brits and the rest of Europe getting excited and worked up was NOT Gaddafi at all…

It was immigration and assimilation….

The two issues are very real in the European continent King advised….

For this reason…

As things have gotten bad in the Middle East and Africa from wars and disputes between religious groups of muslims….

As the shia and Sunni muslims square off….

People move….

They move to the European countries where democracy lets them live their lives as they want to…..

If they aren’t religious the still move to live their lives free of dictators….


And this is VERY IMPORTANT …..

These immigrants ….

And they are a LOT of THEM…..

Are moving into Europe and NOT assimilating…..

King points out that in Italy and France there are whole swaths of the country that have immigrants that don’t bother to learn their new countries language, customs or laws….

They set up shop in their new destinations and BRING THEIR OLD COUNTRY with them…

France is in heated battle with muslim women who wear cover-ups that make them unrecognizable to anyone….

This ia religious custom ….

But the French are highly pissed ….

To the point that they have passed a law against it….

As in this country….

Immigration is a hot subject….

So King points out…..

The French and the Italians have been watching nervously as immigrants bail out of troubled Middle Eastern and Africa countries and landing on their shores….

Gaddafi was alright in Kings estimation until people started heading for the borders….

The result of the same thing the American media was showing…..

King points out that Sarkozy must have picked up the phone and spoke to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…..Then President Obama reminding them that French and NATO troops where operating in Afghanistan providing great political risk to the heads of state of those countries……

It was time for the US to return the favor….

And I add…

Hillary sold it to Obama….

You know I never saw this thing that way….

But I can NOW see it …..

The more you know….

The more you can see……

From Politicaldog101….

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