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Can Al Sharpton help the President with ‘Black Folks’?

President Obama ……The nation’s first Black (or better yet bi-racial) President faces a quiet problem….

Black folks are a little peved at him ……

Why Obama has been VRY carfeul to not come off as black….

That same carefullness IS causing him some grumbling in black neiborhoods…

With the GOP in the headlines everyday trying to cut benefits in the nations social safety net….

And with more black faces in the media under George Bush (AG Holder is the only prominate Cabinet Secretary out there..and he keeps messing up) Obama is going to ‘Rev Al’ for help…..The Revereant….A media icon is up for it…..Visisting the White House and going corporate with media appearances ……

And speaking up for the President whenever and wherever he can….

The President is repaying Shapton with a visit to his organization in New York tonight…..

I always liked Rev. Al…..

Because after you got thru the Bull Shit he is spot on a lot of times…

With a past that was nothing to brag about (the Brawley Caper)…

Many forget he marched with Martin Luther King as a young activist…..

He must have quiet moments where he just looks at Obama and remembers marching for this moment …..

A Black President…..

With his ‘du’…and expensive suits….and media help

He has come full circle….

And so has a bit of this country

Rev. AL Sharpton in the White House with the President…

Who’d ever dream of that?

President Obama delivered remarks at the 20th Annual Keepers of the Dream Awards with Reverent Al Sharpton on Wednesday.

President Obama delivered remarks at the 20th Annual Keepers of the Dream Awards with Reverent Al Sharpton on Wednesday(IN NYC)(Keivom/News)



If you don’t believe Al Sharpton is emerging as “the president” of black America, just look at who’s speaking Wednesday at his annual National Action Network conference: President Barack Obama.

Timing is important. The nation’s first black president has largely finessed the topic of race. But Obama is now facing growing criticism from some African-American leaders that he lacks a “black agenda.”

This criticism has been smoldering in some circles for more than a year. The problem for Obama is that it is coming from some of the nation’s most-quoted African-American leaders.

It’s a widening rift. One Obama cannot afford now. Going into what could be a tough re-election bid, the last thing Obama needs is voter dissatisfaction in part of his base.

The question is asked: Where can frustrated African-American voters go? True, they may be unlikely to turn to Republicans. But they could stay home on Election Day. And high black turnout helped Obama win the White House…..


From Politicaldog101.Com


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