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Teens Say High School Doesn’t Prepare Them For College, Jobs….

From Jezebel….

A large amount of public schools are married to test score’s and set in stone standard’s….

School’s need to do less advance math…..

And more basic Home economics stuff…

Basic’s of computers, balancing a checkbook, basic first aid…..

And yes…..

Sex education…..

And above all…

Good study habits….

Guidance couslers need to reach out to students that need help in moving on to college…

But one of the problems with this survey and young High School students is this….

Once you leave the halls of your High School….

Dilley High School held its annual College Day event on October 20, 2009.


You’re on your own…

And that’s not something a High School is supposed to do….

Anna North — Kids today aren’t especially satisfied with their high schools, especially when it comes to preparing them for the real world. They’re more enthusiastic about college — but a lot of them need help getting there.

According to an AP-Viacom poll, just 40% of high school students are very satisfied with their schools, while a fifth are unsatisfied. College students are a lot happier — 6 in 10 say they’re “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their institution. But high schools aren’t necessarily helping kids reach this point — while 56% say their high school prepare them well for more school, many still had complaints. Writes the AP’s Connie Cass, “a majority say their school wasn’t good at helping them choose a field of study, aiding them in finding the right college or vocational school or assisting them in coming up with ways to pay for more schooling.” And many students felt high school didn’t prepare them for the workforce, either: they said their schools failed at “exposing them to the latest technology in their field and helping them get work experience.”


From Politicaldog101….

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The President brings up Immigration Reform to a captive crowd…He can’t do it alone though….

Certainly aware of the new Census numbers ….

The President of the United States talked up Immigration Reform….

The problem is…

With the GOP as the majority in the House…

There isn’t a prayer for any such bill’s passage…


The best way for any bill passing to reform immigration would be for Latino’s and Hispanic’s along will ALL the other people who immigrate to this country to vote against GOPer’s and Democrats who don’t support immigration legislation’s passage in 2012….

Once those people have been defeated or won in narrow races…

THEN the President should press for passage of a bill….

I do not need to bring up the fate of the ‘Dream Act’ which galvanized strong negative reaction from the right in both the Republican AND Democratic party….

The fate of Immigration Legislation is tied up in simple politics…

As the SouthWest begins to cool down with the realization that eventually Latino’s will out number Anglo’s….

The politics will eventually change…

How soon is anyones guess…

But blaming the President simply is NOT going to solve the problem…

He can’t do it alone….

President Obama told a gathering of business, labor, religious and political leaders at the White House on Tuesday that he remains committed to an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws and wants to try again in the coming months to push Congress to pass a bill.

With his re-election campaign launched this month and Latino communities growing increasingly frustrated with his immigration policies, Mr. Obama summoned more than 60 high-profile supporters of the stalled overhaul legislation to a strategy session, looking for ways to revive it. Among those attending were MayorMichael R. Bloomberg of New York, an independent; Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, a Democrat; and former Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, a Republican.

Two big-city police chiefs, Raymond W. Kelly of New York and Charles Ramsey of Philadelphia, were there, as was Sheryl Sandberg, a top executive at Facebook, and Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, the largest group of evangelical Christians.

Prospects for the proposed policy, which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants and revamp the immigration system, seem bleak in this Congress, with staunch Republican opponents of the bill controlling pivotal committee positions in the House of Representatives. Recently Latino leaders have stepped up their criticism of Mr. Obama, as deportations have reached record numbers under his administration and he has offered no relief from the crackdown on immigrant communities.

Latino voters helped several Democrats, including Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, survive the Republican shift in the midterm elections last fall, and they are expected to be a major force in the presidential vote next year.

In the closed meeting, Mr. Obama argued that the overhaul would bring immigrant entrepreneurs to the United States and was a crucial piece of the economic recovery, according to several people who attended…..


From Politicaldog101…

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S&P may cut US Bond ratings…..A wake up call?….


The United States Government has a triple -A rating on its Bonds…..

If S&P startes a  down grade going…

This will further cost the government and you and me….

The market has not taken this news well….

And while Congress is at home on recess….

This IS a warning to Democrats and Obama that the financial people want the bullshit done with..

And solution put down on paper….

Man I wouldn’t want to be the people who issued this….

(They are going to be under HUGE pressure by the US Government to ease this advisory)

You know S&P is going after the concept that the deficit doesn’t really matter….


Playing into the Tea Party and Conservative hands….

(Politics is alawys involved on this level of things )

Leaving the Democratic ‘social safety net ‘ concept  out in the cold….

But basically I give S&P credit….

Budgets are and always will be political documents…

All this noise and theatre needs to calm down…

The House GOP and the President need to sit down in a room 

And lock the doors until they can come to agreement on a plan that will address the Debt Ceiling AND the 2012 budget…..

It  is simply NOT fair to American’s…..

And the world that these people are fighting over this countries future as anextension of Barack Obama becoming President….

He’s got the job people…

Move on…

This IS about all of America…..

Not just the Rich, the Poor..and the Middle Class…

But this IS gonna take cuts and a increase in taxes….

“More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, U.S. policy makers have still not agreed on how to reverse recent fiscal deterioration or address longer-term fiscal pressures,” S&P credit analyst Nikola G. Swann said. He said the rating agency puts the chance of a U.S. downgrade within two years at least one-in-three.

The move comes amid continued hand-wringing over the balance sheet of the world’s largest economy and disagreement among politicians on how to address fiscal woes as economic growth remains tepid.

S&P said Monday it sees material risk that policymakers might not agree on how to address budgetary challenges by 2013, which would render the U.S. fiscal profile weaker than that of other triple-A-rated countries.

S&P said Monday the U.S.’s rating is supported by its flexible and highly diversified economy and a consistent global preference for the U.S. dollar, which gives it “unique external liquidity.”

A senior Treasury Department official said that Standard & Poor’s negative outlook underestimates the country’s ability to face fiscal challenges…..


From Politicaldog101……

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