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Why are we paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….If Cushing Oklahoma has plenty of Oil?…..Repost 4/22/11

(This post was orignally done on February 28, 2011)

I was watching CNBC this morning while walking on my treadmill….

The morning anchor…

What’s his name was having a grand ole’ Monday morning….

He was talking to some on scene reporter that was wearing a hard hat and  standing in front oil tanks as far you could see in Cushing, Oklahoma

For those of us who don’t know these things…..

When those who do know how to order oil futures…

They are talking about deposits in Cushing…..

Most of US and Canadian oil production goes thru Cushing’s pipes and tanks…..

Well folks here the secret that the jolly CNBC guy is laughing about while I’m paying $3.45 a gallon for gas….

Cushing has a LOT of OIL….

The reporter out there squinting into the camera smiles uncomfortably and tells the jolly anchor….

Yep…..Texas and other states are actually producing record amounts of OIL along with the Canadians……

Confirming my theory that the rapid rise in oil and gas prices has little to do with the supply of oil in this country…

The jolly fellow in the studio in New York keeps chuckling…

And I start cursing all of those guys who are making money driving the prices up so they can deposit more money in their checking accounts

And the dipshit financial reporters who could careless….

While I have to get gas every two days because the price is so high $20 lasts  that long….


The capitalist capital of the world….

Where else could a damn anchor on a TV station sit on camera and laugh about how the public is getting screwed in plain daylight

And the media doesn’t think this is important story?

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