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The count from the storms climbs…Obama and family tours the area…Federal Emergency declared….

President Obama during a visit to Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Friday

(Doug Mills/The New York Times)

The death toll climbs in the wake of the storm that SE gave us a heads up on….

The damage from the storm extends from Texas up thru Virginia….

The President and the Administration has tried to get as much action as possible going right away hoping to not have a

political issue on their hands like Katrina or the Gulf Spill….

“I’ve never seen devastation like this,” Mr. Obama said during a tour of this college town, according to The Associated Press. “We’re going to make sure you’re not forgotten.”

Nearly 300 people across six states died in the storms, with the vast majority — 213 people — in Alabama. Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama, has in some places been shorn to the slab, and accounts for at least 36 of those deaths.

Thousands have been injured, and untold more have been left homeless, hauling their belongings in garbage bags or rooting through disgorged piles of wood and siding to find anything salvageable.

By Friday morning, gasoline and other supplies were getting difficult to find in parts of Alabama. County emergency directors cautioned people to not show up to help.

“They don’t yet have an infrastructure to handle donations or volunteers,” Phyllis Little, the Coleman County emergency management director, told a Birmingham television station. “Right now, we’re not in a ready mode to receive donations or volunteers yet. We are working toward that. Hopefully by tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll have better answers.”


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