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Mark Halperin* calls President Obama a “dick” on Morning Joe….Update…Halperin suspended..


It’s gotten down to this….

Talking heads calling the President names because he won’t rollover….*

Screw the Halperin!

The first time President Obama steps to the Republican’s

They get all shitty….

I watched several shows yesterday where GOP talking heads where indignant…


They are so used Obama NOT getting in there shit that now they are ….’Offended”?

Grow up….

The President has stepped to the Republicans…

What are they gonna do?

They ran this into a hole…

Now the President has stepped on their necks….

Lets see how this plays…

It’s about time!

Pundits: If GOP destroys America, it’ll be because Obama was a dick

By Jed Lewison @Daily Kos….


Mr. Obama did not lay down a “red line” beyond which he would refuse to negotiate. But he repeatedly dared Congressional Republicans to side with oil companies, hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners against the interests of the elderly, schoolchildren and the middle class. His tone throughout was defiant.The question is whether Mr. Obama’s pointed remarks about his Congressional adversaries will help jump-start the stalled debt negotiations, or will have the effect of backing each side further into a corner even as the Aug. 2 deadline for raising the nation’s borrowing capacity nears.

So apparently the only thing standing in the way of getting a deal done is whether or not Republicans have their feelings hurt by what President Obama said in a press conference? Sorry, but if Republicans are really that sensitive, then their problems are far, far bigger than anything President Obama may or may not say.

Meanwhile, Mark Halperin says Obama was a “dick” yesterday. Yes, that’s a direct quote from the “civil” MSNBC show, Morning Joe. (Morning Joe blamed it on a producer forgetting to bleep out Halperin.)

But whatever the New York Times or Mark Halperin might say, the reality is that Republicans need to take responsibility for their own actions. They may not like it when President Obama tells them the truth. And pundits like Mark Halperin might think it makes him an asshole, or even a dick. But they can all go fuck themselves if they think that’s a legitimate excuse for Republicans to not do their jobs.

Time to grow up, children.

Join the discussion in LaurenMonica’s diary, Mark Halperin just called Obama “a dick” on Morning Joe.

Update….Halperin has been suspended indefinitely by MSNBC for his name calling….

*It seems that I HAVE spelled Mark Halperin’s name wrong …..It has been corrected….I apoligize for the spelling mistake….




From Politicaldog101.Com….


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  1. Well…you’re obviously an un-educated DICK…cos you can’t even get the guy’s name right. Sheesh. Odds are you’re a fuckin’ father-raping RACIST!
    BTW…how many vacations have YOUR tax dollars bought the Obamas?
    Silly socialist…take a bus ride to Cuba and practice what you preach in the real world…your fantasyland utopia hasn’t worked in the big cities…nor California, New York, New Jersey or Illinois. The really cool thing about your beloved socialism is that eventually you’ll run out of everyone else’s money…and when the chit hits the fan…you pacifist pussies don’t even know what ammunition works with which gun. muhahaha.

    Comment by Yip Yipperstein | June 30, 2011 | Reply

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