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Mitt Romney may be lousy….His Campaign isn’t……


Last night I re-read the John Hellemann  piece written right after last weeks Arizona debate…..

About half way into the piece that basically states that the Republican party has got itself into the mess that finds itself in now in the nomination race…

Hellermann writes this about about how Mitt Romney’s campaign apparatus chewed up Newt Gingrich and spit him out….

Sure Newt helped but in all the noise ….

The media ….And indeed most of us miss this….

An hour or so after the Republican debate in Jacksonville on January 26, Romney’s chief strategist, Stuart Stevens, was in the spin room employing his iPad as a weapon. Stevens asked if I knew how many times Gingrich was mentioned in Reagan’s memoir. Calling up the text onscreen andsearching the document, he revealed the answer: zero. Stevens then asked the same about a different memoir—Jack Abramoff’s. Here the number of mentions was larger: thirteen. Stevens asked, “What does that tell you?” I ventured, “That Newt is full of shit?” Stevens: “You said it, buddy.”

Stevens’s parlor trick was a minor, albeit delightful, element of the two-front assault waged by Team Romney on Gingrich in Florida: strafing him from the air with negative ads and badgering him on the ground, which involved not only working the press but sending operatives to Gingrich’s every event to offer instant rebuttals. One objective here was to refute Gingrich’s claims to being at once instrumental to the Reagan Revolution and a Washington outsider; another was to rattle him, to piss him off, to get inside his head.

Together with two stellar debate showings by Romney, the anti-Newt incursion accomplished all that and more, driving Gingrich to fits of defensive distraction, undisguised irritation, and an in toto effort in Florida that was every bit as feeble as his South Carolina bid had been robust. And in its indiscipline, lassitude, and wackiness—how many news cycles did he squander on that freaking lunar colony?—it made manifest why he was never a plausible Republican nominee…….


Mitt Romney keeps screwing up when he opens his mouth…

But Mitt Romney STILL leads the field….

He is still the man EVERYONE is trying to knock off…

And that because of his campaign organization…

Not particularly him….

We look back to how Romney got slugged by Cain, Perry, Newt and now Santorum….

We see a Republican who HAS money…

Who CAN’T tell a story without backing up….

You HAS learned to attack…

(He got the best of Santorum last week…..Just like he got the best of Newt)

A week ago Rick Santorum was tearing up the polling charts….

Now HE is fighting for HIS political future……

Low on money……

Described by even Republican’s as a ‘throw back’ to the 1950′s….

And has the headache of having the Romney people defining him as the past Washington ‘Insider’ he was……

Let me finish this piece by reminding everyone…..

Rick Santorum IS the Blue collar, white guy, who wants to tell females to stay barefoot and pregnant…..

If he wins the GOP nomination……

With little or no organization and less money….

Being a Washington insider that was liked just a hair more than Newt……

It will be because in the end….

If the guy who has run a dogged campaign….

Looping off ALl of his opponents …..

STILL can’t make it as the parties BEST/WORST Choice against a younger challenger who appeals to a segment of the American population

That is shrinking everyday under the weight of a country moving into the 21st Century…..

In this Dogs mind….

The GOP REALLY does NOT want to elect a President….

And I’m ALL for that…..


It IS just that simple…

From Politicaldog101.com


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