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Why I think the US should NOT invade Syria……


I want you to take a look at two places the US and it’s Allies have tried to HELP….

Iraq and Afghanistan….

I want to remind you of todays headlines….

In Iraq there have been steady bombing for last several days…..

In Afghanistan there have been protests……

The bombings in Iraq have been done as the political sides manuever for power in a THEIR country after the Americans and NATO packed up their combat troops and left….

The protests with shootings in Afghanistan have been ignited by a dumb decision by someone in the military to burn koran’s instead of disposing of them more ssesabliy …..

Or giving them away …..

Both incident demonstrate the limits of ANY outside power to HELP the natives….

While the ‘help’ will Always embraced with open arms……

History has taught us that sooner or later the help WILL become the enemy….

So while the US STILL has Special Ops ‘Hunter’ squads operating in Iraq…

The troops are gone…

The same will be the case in Afghanistan in a year or two…

Libya the last place the American’s and Allies offered help is a mess……

There is NO reason to think that Syria won’t be after this Civil War/Arab Spring fight is over….

There is news that the Arab states ARE shipping arms to the resistance…

That only means more guns….

More bloodshed….

We need to take a breather….

And  wait to see how the slow ramp up of Special Ops in Africa play…

Let Syria be Syria….

We can deal with the survivor’s

Ron Paul may be right afterall…

From Politicaldog101.Com


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