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It’s been 31 months since the Politicaldog101 was born….

And we are Proud to announce that we’ve gone past 1 Million hits with BOTH sites combined….

As I type this we have 1,002,059 ‘hits’……

We started as Politicaldog101 on the WordPress system….

After a year we moved to a self hosted site to enable us to do more things and have more control over the look and feel of the site….

The transition was messy and we thought we had lost some of our early data….

But a few months later WordPress brought back the original site as jamesb.101.wordpress.com so here we are as TWO site’s…..

Thru the magic of computer data…

And a truly magic webmaster the Politicaldog101.com site actually now has the complete data…

But what the heck!

Two’s better than One , right?

I want to say thank you to a lot of people and places…..

First to WordPress which provides the wonderful vehicle for these sites to operate in…

I want to thank the techs at Hostmoster, Site5 and Hostgator for their help in getting an old dog thru the last 31 months….

I want to thank our first webmaster Sebastian  for his help SRS…..

And I want to thank Amy Gelfand for her help these days in listening to me and tightening up the look of the present site…..

I want to take the time to say thanks to our Dog Pac regulars who help me get thru the days and nights at this place….

Zreebs, SE, DSD, Jack, Daniel, Brandon, mac, Dave MacCadam, Corey, CD, Terry and some of the others along the way including….

Keith, Illinois Jim, bdog and T&P……

My thanks is also for ALL those one time visitors that I know are out there but don’t write in their thoughts….

Of course I thank my wife for all the patience with an ole’ Dog that labors downstairs in the basement EVERYDAY!….

We hope that you all enjoy this place and keep coming back for more….

We have a busy month or two upcoming and a Presidential Election , House Elections and many more come November 6 , 2012…

I look forward to sharing the run up to these elections with everyone…

It’s a GOOD Ride folks….

Keep it going!

The Dog……

Politicaldog101.com…..   854,377   Hits

jamesb101.wordpress.com…..   147,682   Hits

From Politicaldog101….

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