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Congress WILL try NOT to shut down the Government over spending….

They’re gonna punt…..


Lets see if the can extract a little MORE drama out of this from the Conservatives in the House?

Senior House and Senate leaders voiced optimism that they could reach agreement on a stopgap spending measure that would prevent a government shutdown shortly before the November election.

Congress has more than two months to figure out how to fund the government this fall, but because lawmakers are only in session for less than three weeks during that time, discussions about a continuing resolution have heated up in recent days. The Senate has made little progress passing annual appropriations bills, necessitating a stopgap measure to keep the government’s lights on through the November election.

It could be political suicide to have a government shutdown before voters go to the polls — for both sides of the aisle. Congress’s approval rating is a scant 16 percent, according to a July Gallup poll.

The central issue has been the length of a stopgap, and both sides appeared to be moving toward a six-month bill, which would keep the government running into 2013.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday talks were occurring “at a high level” and had been “very productive.” Reid also suggested that he would support a continuing resolution that would extend into 2013, aligning him with House conservatives who have pushed their leadership for a six-month bill. “It would be to my preference that we do something that would alleviate this being an issue that we have during the lame duck,” Reid said….


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What do you do In The Country after you get rid of the bad guy Running the Country?

That seems to be a recurring theme for the US and NATO thru the years….

As this piece from the Atlantic by James Joyner points out…..

Mommar Gaddafi is gonna be out of Libya sooner or later….

When that occurs…..

What’s gonna happen?

As we see in several countries …

Replacing the bad guy running the show creates a vacuum…

That creates unrest…

Unrealistic  expectations by the masses…..

And of course an oppountity by an organized opposition that often finds itself as the ONLY organized body…

All this the country has to continue running itself with with same corrupt people stealing from its population even if the head of the bad guy is gone….

So as in Iraq and Egypt….

What will happen in Libya when the time comes?

“Getting Libya back on its feet will be an unwieldy, and probably fractious, process in which many scores are settled against those who once supported the Gaddafi regime. But the problem is, of course, that much like in the former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, virtually everyone at one point or another had to deal with the regime to survive. Unless political authority can be restored quickly, the sorting out of claims will undoubtedly be a bloody affair in light of the pent-up frustration that is now being released.”

James Dorsey noted for Al Arabiya recently, “The immediate problems Libyans and the international community will have to address once Mr. Qaddafi departs are huge and so are the potential pitfalls. The problems include restoring and maintaining law and order; securing basic services such as food, water and energy; achieving international recognition of a post-Qaddafi government; resuming oil exports to ensure funding for the new government; and kick starting Libya’s stagnating economy.”

He noted, “Anticipating the need to maintain security, avoid violent revenge and retribution and ensure that a post-Qaddafi government gets off to a good start, some US commanders, including Admiral Samuel Locklear, NATO’s joint operations chief in Naples, and General Carter Ham, who runs the US military’s Africa Command, have suggested that United Nations or African Union peacekeepers would have to be inserted into Libya once Mr. Qaddafi has been removed from power.”

The parallels with Iraq are eerie. In his seminal work on that conflict, Fiasco, Thomas Ricks quotes Major Isaiah Wilson, the official Army historian of the spring 2003 invasion and later strategic planner in Iraq saying that there was “no single plan as of 1 May 2004 that described an executable approach to achieving the stated strategic endstate for war.” Joint Staff officer Gregory Gardner explained why: “Politically, we’d made a decision that we’d turn it over to the Iraqis in June” 2003. Additionally, an Army War College study found, what little planning there was for post-conflict stabilization was predicated on the unfounded assumption that “the international community would pick up the slack.”

More ….

From Politicaldog101.Com….

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Why is the Unemployment number going up?

Because private business and state and local government are laying people off…

That’s why….

And it’s due to low demand for services from businesses and cost cutting while state and local governments are cutting THEIR costs also…

The increase in layoffs is a key reason why the U.S. recorded an average of only 21,500 new jobs over the past two months, far below the level needed to bring down unemployment, which now stands at 9.2%.

The cuts also reflect the shifting outlook of employers, many of whom had expected the economy to gain speed as the year progressed. Instead, growth has faltered. If the pace continues to disappoint, more companies will feel pressure to pull back. “Layoffs have played a big role [in weak job growth] over the last few months,” said Mike Montgomery, an economist at IHS Global Insight. “The soft patch is more layoffs and nothing else to pick up the slack.”


From Politicaldog101.Com….

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To tell Ya truth….I don’t even know if the Republican’s know WTF is going on…..

As I begin to read in for the Dog a little while ago something strikes me….

The theatre in the round that titled the ‘Debt Ceiling/Budget Talks’ is all over the place…..

First there’s this from Politicalwire…….

Three Tracks Towards a Debt Limit Deal

First Read: “With the clock ticking until the Aug. 2 deadline, there are essentially three tracks to resolve the debt-ceiling standoff. One track is McConnell-Reid, the ongoing negotiations between the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader to pass a ‘failsafe’ debt ceiling increase without majorities of Congress having to approve it, and it’s losing a lot of steam (right now). The second track is the talks between President Obama and House Republicans John Boehner and Eric Cantor, as they try to revive a ‘grand bargain’ — and it’s a track that is a LOT more active than folks realize. And the third track is a second grand-bargain-style deal — this one by the Gang of Six in the Senate.”

One huge problem: “There is currently no plan out there that could get through the House. And that’s raised chatter on Capitol Hill that the only way to convince enough House Republicans to support ANY track is for the Dow Jones to collapse, a la what happened with TARP in 2008.”

Then there is this from CNN….


President Obama met with party leaders. House Speaker Boehner had talks over pizza with tea party conservatives. House leaders also met. But there still is no plan to keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debt. FULL STORY


Of course the Money people over at Wall Street are smart enough to know that it looks like the August 2nd deadline isn’t gonna be much of a deadline (Obama is not gonna what I think he should do which is STOP writting Federal checks ) so they have set in motion this action mentioned in the New York Times….

Wall Street Makes Fallback Plans in Event of U.S. Default


Lawmakers in Washington are racing to reach a deal to save the country from defaulting on its debt, but financial players are devising doomsday plans in case the clock runs out……

Like I said in the tittle to this post….

Things are fluid…

So fluid that NOBODY seems to saying what the final outcome will be….

Certainly not the Speaker of the House John Boehner who seems to be a ally fight with his Majority Leader…

Cantor and his ‘no negotiating group’ is either amenable to something…..


Nothing that doesn’t cut the balls out of  the budget right now and sticks it to the Democrats and hurts Obama….

Quit frankly only the inside players know the score…

The media is just guessing ….

From Politicaldog101.Com….

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Who keeps winning?

The story in the political junkies news over the last 36 hours is the bambozzelment of the House GOPers…..

While the media may be still screaming the echo’s of the last months GOP iron fisted demands….

The fact is…

Obama and the Senate Democrats out foxed Boehner and the House newbies…..


Without fan fair there have be stories coming out in the past 24 hours that the ACTUAL budget cuts for 2011 are anywhere from $17B to less than $1B….

Now I DO remember the newly elected GOP House members and their Tea Party friends demanding $100B in cuts….

That didn’t happen…

Did it?

We now see House GOP Boehner trying to put a good face on being fleeced by the Democrats who used the Senate Democrats, House Democrats and a dealing President to again sell the GOP snake oil….

As with the first budget bill fight……

Just when the GOP thought they had everybody on the ropes…..

They didn’t…..

I said this several times …

Everybody keep bitching about Obama not having any balls (I certainly have)

But again…

The guy and the Democrats get shit done….

Schumer and Reid have taken the lead from Pelosi…

And Reid the old boxer keeps giving good rounds in the Senate…..

Just like his re-election run…..

The Democrats are rolling along fine folks…

No draconian cuts…

And taxing the rich is still being pushed along with dialogue about more cuts….

And will likely do fine with the Debt Ceiling (that HAS to be raised ) fight….

That make sense

I hope the GOP Governors keep messing with everyone…

The Dem’s may lose the Senate…

But they  ARE gonna have gains in the House…

And a newly re-elected President come next November….

For sure….

From Politicaldog101

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Warren Buffett: ‘Trickle Down’ Theory Hasn’t Worked….


Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett said that the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire for the richest Americans and that the “trickle down” economic theory hasn’t worked.

“If anything, taxes for the lower and middle class and maybe even the upper middle class should even probably be cut further,” Buffett told ABC News in an interview set to air later this week. “But I think that people at the high end — people like myself — should be paying a lot more in taxes. We have it better than we’ve ever had it.”


Read more »


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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up from Dailykos……

From DemFromCT @ Dailykos...

Sunday funnies.

Brown v Whitman, via LA Times:

“Let’s be sympathetic and let’s really empathize with the millions of people who are in the shadows and you want to keep them in the shadows and now you’re trying to evade responsibility,” he said. “Don’t run for governor if you can’t stand up on your own two feet and say, ‘Hey I made a mistake, I’m sorry, let’s go on from here.’ You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions but you don’t take accountability.”

NY Times:

Republicans carry substantial advantages as they move into the final month of the fall campaign, but the resilience of vulnerable Democrats is complicating Republican efforts to lock down enough seats to capture the House and take control of the unsettled electoral battleground.

Ari Melber:

Indeed, historians may stress how the tea party rose at exactly the same time that traditional print journalism crashed into the earth like an asteroid, instantly sinking underground and far from political relevance.  Some already are.

At the panel, Harvard historian Jill Lepore, who just published a book on the role of contested historical narratives in tea party organizing, said the “disequilibrium” created by newspapers’ demise is fueling a new type of politics.

“Our political and newspaper culture were born at the same time,” Lepore noted, pointing to the partisan papers founded to oppose John Adams.  With the decline of print, she proposed, comes a decline in local news coverage, a demise of the local “form of community,” and ultimately a distortion of “proportion” – where people have less sense of which developments are actually significant.  We may even look back on this period, Lepore suggested, and realize that we spent far too much time on the tea party. Coming from someone who just wrote a book on the subject, that’s saying something.


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The Anti-War stirrings are coming back…..

With the Oil spill coverage and Primaries……

People didn’t seem to be doing much talking  about Afghanistan much…..

But US General McChrystal’s asking for more time in Afghanistan and the loss of more than a half dozen solider’s recently, has rekindled a bit of attention there…..

The General will get all the troops he asked for a month or two…….

But things are a bit harder to deal with that he planned…..

Here’s a piece from Jerome Armstrong @ MyDD on the war……

How’s the “war” going?  As predicted. A complete failure, waste of resources and lives. But very profitable for military corporations and companies like BP. I mean, doesn’t the irony lift at all on the mouth-pieces that for, on the one hand, BP is the villain, but on the other-hand they turn a blind eye to the flow of money from our hands to theirs?

The U.S. doesn’t win wars anymore. We just funnel the stressed and underpaid troops in and out of the combat zones, while all the while showering taxpayer billions on the contractors and giant corporations that view the horrors of war as a heaven-sent bonanza. BP, as we’ve been told repeatedly recently, is one of the largest suppliers of fuel to the wartime U.S. military.

Seven American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Monday but hardly anyone noticed.

Yea, don’t you remember the days when it was Bush leading the war, and we’d see the dead soldiers plastered on the frontpage of the anti-war blogs and liberal mags? Boy, that took guts. Now that its Obama’s leading the corporate war, nothing but silence. Oh, I know the talking point: Iraq was the “dumb war” and Afghanistan is the “smart war” we took our eye off of the ball. Whatever.

What’s happening in Afghanistan is not only tragic, it’s embarrassing. The American troops will fight, but the Afghan troops who are supposed to be their allies are a lost cause. The government of President Hamid Karzai is breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent — and widely unpopular to boot. And now, as The Times’s Dexter Filkins is reporting, the erratic Mr. Karzai seems to be giving up hope that the U.S. can prevail in the war and is making nice with the Taliban.

This isn’t that hard to figure out……


The Dog mentioned that whem McChrystal got Obama to buy in on the war…He had a definate time frame …..Wars don’t really fit nicly in time frames…..

As in VietNam…..The enemy here doesn’t have to win…..It just has to hold on till America gets tired and turnsd its interest elsewhere…..

The shame will be the loss of American lives……

A win ..or a draw…like in Iraq would be a lucky outcome for the White House….

If McChrystal is stalled going into the Presidental election cycle…..He and Obama are in trouble….

There is only one fault in Armstongs piece…..as soon as we get out of here…I forcast that American troops will be going into Africa in mass …..

Just a guess from the Dog….

That’s all

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Is there a Social Security fight brewing?

The Washington Post has piece on the President’s new deficit commission….

The piece asks if a new assault on the nation’s Social Security system isn’t being hatched…..

A while back I did a post on the system…..

The piece basically reported that our Social Security system is sound until at least 2037…..

And that it will rest on the economy to refund it…

If the economy picks up….

The system does better…

But the system IS HUGE….

And if the economy in the next ten years doesn’t grown by a good amount…..

There WILL be serious trouble with its funding……

The average check of $1,168.60 is a mainstay for a lot of American’s……

But there is always a temptation to talk about tinkering with the giant fund…..

And always HUGE political pressure to leave it alone…….

I’m betting on the latter…


One of the oddest Web posts making the rounds in Washington is a series of blurry videos from Capitol Hillshowing people coming and going from a closed-door meeting of President Obama‘s new deficit commission.

The mundane scenes have a sinister cast for activists who say the commission is at work on a secret plan to gut Social Security. Nancy Altman, whose group, Social Security Works, shot the footage, says the threat to the nation’s primary social safety net is greater now than at any time in the program’s 75-year history.

“This is going to affect every single American if they reach agreement,” she said. “People need to know what’s going on.”

The heated rhetoric is an ominous sign for Obama’s deficit-fighting task force, which is charged with developing abipartisan plan to stabilize the soaring national debt. Adjusting Social Security benefits is a likely point of consensus, commission members say. Now, some of the same activists who helped derail a 2005 GOP plan to restructure the program are threatening to rally the public against any proposal to cut benefits.

Social Security has been self-supporting since 1935, with taxes paid by current workers financing benefits for current retirees. But people today retire earlier, live longer and have fewer children. As result, the number of workers for each retiree is expected to fall from about three to one now to two to one by 2050. Sometime in the next few years, taxes will no longer cover benefits.

The program’s defenders argue that there is no crisis: If Treasury would repay billions of dollars in surplus Social Security taxes borrowed over the years, the program could pay full benefits through 2037. But many budget experts question whether supporting the existing benefit structure should be a cash-strapped nation’s first priority.

“There is a level of intellectual consensus among everyone except the groups that are upset right now that things need to be re-examined,” said David John, a retirement expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

At Social Security Works, Altman, a former tax lawyer who taught at Harvard University and assisted former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan on a 1982 commission credited with temporarily restoring Social Security’s solvency, argues that there are better options than cutting benefits. Raising the income cap for Social Security taxes or imposing a tax on Wall Street transactions, she said, would raise enough to keep the program solvent for years.

“This is not a crackpot side of the debate,” Altman said, citing polls showing broad public opposition to benefits cuts, even among conservatives. “My goal is not to further undercut people’s confidence in Washington. But I don’t feel like I can just be quiet when they are about to do what I feel is a real disservice to the American people.”


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Anyone that votes to take away my mortgage deduction…Does so at their own risk…..

I mean that shit!

I grew up in the projects in New York…

I am still in the first house I brought….

It’s small….

And I’ll be paying for it for the rest of my life…

But one of saving graces of this house is the fact that I get a nice deduction for paying the mortgage….

I give my congressmen a warning…


Failure to heed that warning will insure dire consequences in the housing market….and your politcal career….

There are a awful lot of people with me on this one…..

Don’t f*#k this up!………

The new spotlight on the mortgage deduction and other tax expenditures comes as the Obama administration and Congress consider ways to reduce deficits the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) expects will average nearly $1 trillion over the next decade.

Policymakers seeking savings have tried to cap the mortgage interest deduction before — and failed. Five years ago, a bipartisan tax reform commission created by President George W. Bush proposed ending the mortgage tax break. But the commission’s plan stalled in Congress, partly because of popular support for the mortgage deduction.

Obama’s proposal, which would cut the deduction rate for itemized expenses for those making more than $250,000 to the rate paid by the middle class, was panned last year by members of both parties. They worried about its effect, during a recession, on charitable deductions and the housing market.

The White House says it was included in the president’s budget proposal again this year because it remains a good idea.

“The proposal will correct inequities in our tax code that allow millionaires to benefit from higher itemized tax deductions than middle-class families enjoy,” said Meg Reilly, spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Although the backers of the mortgage interest tax break defend it as a key incentive for people to own rather than rent their homes, some say that’s not so. A Brookings-Urban Tax Policy Center study found that the mortgage interest tax break costs more than $100 billion annually but does little to encourage the middle class and less wealthy to buy homes.

“I’m not sure that we need to subsidize homeownership at all through the tax system,” said Eric Toder, the study’s lead author.

This guy must live in an apartment…..


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