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Politicaldog101 completes its Second Year!


It’s been 730 days since the Politiocaldog101 started as a WordPress Blog!

What a journey……


From putting together the basics to running this self-hosted site…

It has been and continues to be a blast!

It has taken me further on the net then I ever thought this place would go….

Over 660,000 hits and still counting…..


And I am grateful for the regulars who come here just about everyday and comment, argue, post and help me be better….

I want to also thank Sebastian for SRS, wherever he is, for the theme help….


I’ve also made friends a few other bloggers that I visit regularly and feature….

I look forward to the upcoming Primaries and Presidential Election which we will be covering extensively here at the Dog….


Finally….. I want thank the wife for being patient with her husband pounding away on down stairs on the computer everyday while listening with one floppy ear to her…..


Thank You….

From the bottom of my heart to to tip of my wet nose…..

Keep it coming!

The Dog….


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