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No ABC for Cablevision viewers……..

Here we go again……

For the second time in the last few months Cablevisison and a supplier of content can’t agree on prices for programing…..which has resulted in the supplier pulling its feed……

The last time it was Scripps pulling HGTV and the Food Channel …now its a major channel ABC…….

We get Cablevision in out house…and we’re happy with it…but both my son’s who are out of the house have moved over to Verizion…..they are happy….but miss the local Cablevision news…..they ARE happy with their picture and the cost is cheaper up front…but about the same down the road……

This is about money People…..

……..plain and simple.

…….and in the end ….we …..the consumer….. will get screwed…..of that I’m sure….

Here\’s the story...which highlights the struggle between suppliers of content and the companies that bring that content to your TV……

The Walt Disney Company pulled its ABC station from Cablevision at 12:01 a.m. Sunday after failing to reach an agreement with the cable provider on a new contract, potentially leaving about three million cable customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut without access to the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday night.

Cablevision and Disney have been at loggerheads over how much WABC, the powerhouse local station in New York City, is worth. Disney wants Cablevision to pay up to $1 per subscriber each month for the right to retransmit WABC’s signal; Cablevision has offered an undisclosed fraction of that.

Charles Schueler, Cablevision’s executive vice president of communications, said in a statement five minutes after midnight, “It is now painfully clear to millions of New York area households that Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger will hold his own ABC viewers hostage in order to extract $40 million in new fees from Cablevision.”

Mr. Schueler called on Mr. Iger to “immediately return ABC to Cablevision customers while we continue to work to reach a fair agreement.”

In a separate statement, Rebecca Campbell, WABC’s president and general manager, said Cablevision had “betrayed its subscribers.”

“Cablevision pocketed almost $8 billion last year, and now customers aren’t getting what they pay for … again,” Ms. Campbell said. “It’s time for Jim Dolan and the Dolan family dynasty to finally step up, be fair, and do what’s right for our viewers.”

Disney is under pressure to stand its ground: if it doesn’t win concessions from Cablevision, it will be virtually impossible to push for so-called retransmission payments when ABC contracts come due with providers like Time Warner Cable.

​Each side believes it has an upper hand. Disney executives grew increasingly confident on Friday and Saturday as Cablevision competitors like Verizon moved aggressively to steal market share. Verizon, for instance, has rolled out an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at disillusioned Cablevision customers, according to a person briefed on the matter.

​Cablevision has insisted that its offers to ABC have been fair, and it has prepared customers for the loss of WABC by directing them to ABC.com or Hulu.com to watch TV shows.

It is possible that the companies will reach a new deal before the Academy Awards show, although it is hard to determine how likely that outcome is.

Retransmission demands are growing increasingly common. The News Corporation sought a similar $1 amount for its Fox stations from Time Warner Cable last December. The companies settled on an unspecified amount on New Year’s Day thought to be near that amount –- effectively setting a market price for signal retransmission, Disney executives argue -– and averted an interruption for the stations.

In a separate case involving cable fees, Food Network and HGTV were removed from Cablevision systems for much of January, in an indication that Cablevision is willing to endure the loss of some channels.

To be fair…..ABC and Cablevision have been warning consumers about this for while ( and to pressure Cablevision)…..

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Chelsea Clinton is engaged……

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of this countries current Secretary of State and 42nd President is engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend , investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, his folks served in the U.S. Congress……

Congratulations to all in involved……

Note:….he, he, he….At one time or another, all of the parents have been employed by thye United State governmement in Washington D.C…….


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Jon Gosselin gives his side………..

I guess the guy realizes that Kate, right now, is quietly letting him dig a hole all by himself…….so  he’s gone on ABC’s Good Morning America to tell his side of things………saying that Kate gave him a whole lot of a hard way to go while they were together…….ah….I still think you should cool out Jon………

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