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SE……Dennis Hopper has passed……

The 74 year old actor has passed due to prostate cancer……

The American film icon made his last public appearance on March 26, 2010, when his star was dedicated on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.


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Anna Paquin…….

Anna Paquin

Birthday: July 24, 1982
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada

How You Know Her: At the modest age of 11, Anna won an Oscar for her part in the film The Piano. After a successful debut, she went on to roles in such acclaimed movies as AmistadAlmost FamousFinding Forrester, and The Squid and the Whale. The child-star-turned-stunning-starlet also turned mutant for the X-Men trilogy. Now, Anna tackles TV with the HBO series True Blood. For those of you that missed it, the first season comes out on DVD today. On the show, she plays a telepathic barmaid whose life becomes drastically altered when she meets a vampire. Even if the show’s plot strikes you as a bit too fantastic, you can’t deny that its star is bloody gorgeous……


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Kal Penn will return to Hollywood…….

Kal Penn’s reps confirm that the actor will leave his post as Barack Obama’s associate director of public engagement to return to his acting career. First up for the actor: a newHarold & Kumar movie, this one with a Christmas theme. New Line Studios has confirmed that the movie, to be directed by newcomer Todd Strauss Schulson, will begin filming in late June with an eye on a holiday 2011 release……


Turning in his White House Pass for a bigger paycheck….Not too bad a ride, huh?

Penn has also done a breif stint as a college associate professor at the University of Pennslyvania…..


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Breaking News!…….Ludacris is NOT running for President in 2012…..maybe

Here is the talented rapper Ludacris ( Christopher Brian Bridges ) announcing that he will NOT be running for President (or will he?) at the National Press Club…..He goes on to make a speech…haltingly, not rapping…….The actor and rapper asks more people to follow his lead in the philanthropic field, and give back….the guy is alright……..

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