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Why are we in Afghanistan…Is it for the $$$?….An Editorial…..

Today the New York Times has a piece on the US Military find of significant natural resources beneath Afghanistan…

I did a post on that story months ago….

The resources in the ground ARe worth trillions of dollars…..

The Chinese have been working on getting contract from Karzai’s government for months…

The British and American’s are right behind them…..

Why bring this up on the front page of the New York Times today?


I seem to remember a post I did just a day or two ago about a certain general asking out loud for more time to prosecute the Afghan war…..

I then remember writing about anti-war stirrings….


The question….

Why are we there?

Coincidently, the fact  that the place is literally sitting on a money mine pops up?

Cash, Money,  Dollar bills…

From Ole’ Christopher Columbus to today…….

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