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Gen. McChrystal compliments his boss…..

While a group from Congress visted Kabul, Afghanistan…they got a chance to question General McChrystal…the head of the American and NATO forces in country, about the timeliness of the president’s ( who is the commander-in-Chief ) decision on his troop request….

McChrystal, who got almost everything he asked for, answered the congressmen with this……..

Gen. Stanley McChrystal told lawmakers that President Obama had engaged in a “thoughtful process” on Afghanistan and refused to criticize the president for delaying his decision to send more troops.

Patience is a virtue…..

McChrystal, will undoubtably be back in Washington in the near future to brief the Congress, and the media, on the huge task he has ahead to get his troops to solve a problem, military and political for his boss , President Obama….has his work cut out for him…and getting your boss pissed at you isn’t smart, at all..


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Hillary Clinton throws in the towel?……she says she will not run for President again…….

Yep…you heard that right…..while in Zurich………The former First Lady, and New York State Senator makes comments to NBC ‘s Anne Curry on…. the President getting the Nobel Peace Prize, Afghanistan policy formation, and being Secretary of State……and the lady says she will not run for President of the United States…….we’ll check back in few years…when the coast may be clear……

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