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Boeing threatens to NOT bid on thr Aerial Tanker contract…Are they serious?

[ The Boeing 767 based Aerial Tanker in Italian Air Force colors ]

I wouldn’t think so…….

The Dog see’s this as a chess move….

They are complaining about Airbus subsidies…..

Airbus IS supported by the French, British, German and Italian countries…..

That’s fact….

It isn’t gonna change anytime soon in this economic atmosphere…

But lets be fair here…

The United States government goes to bat for Boeing  with tax credits and reserach…..and provides subsidies for countries that buy American Defense products…..


The Dog still does not understand why PRESIDENT OBAMA doesn’t over-rule Defense Secretary Gates and cut a duel award contract deal????

It is a win-win solution to a big problem….

Boeing wins with a smaller tanker…

Airbus wins with a larger tanker….

The state of Washington winds with a order for airplanes…

The state of Alabama wins with an order for airplanes….

The Europeans are happy the American brought their plane…

And the Air Force finally will get a replacement ‘short ‘ tanker and ‘bridge’ tanker…..

JUST LIKE THEY HAVE NOW……(KC-135 and the KC-10 )….



Boeing is considering not bidding for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-X tanker contract, a company source said May 14.

That would leave Europe’s EADS – which earlier this year had threatened its own pullout – as the sole bidder for the multibillion-dollar prize.

CEO Jim McNerney and other executives are privately debating whether their company can even win, much less make a profit, on the fixed-price contract, one senior Boeing executive said.

“Is it conceivable that we wouldn’t bid?” the executive said. “We are proud of the fleet and want it to win the contract so the Air Force keeps flying our planes. Your heart says you have to be part of it, but a CEO’s job is to make sure that the heart doesn’t make a decision the head can’t live with.”

Boeing spokesman Damien Mills insisted May 13 that the firm will bid.

But Boeing supporters have long complained that illegal subsidies would lower EADS’ bid price, and company officials have said for several weeks that the Pentagon appears to have shifted requirements to favor the European firm.

Earlier this year, DoD officials – eager to avoid a sole-source award to Boeing in the wake of Northrop Grumman’s withdrawal – delayed the bidding deadline 60 days to allow EADS to bid. DoD also allowed the European firm to enter the contest without a U.S. firm as a partner.

Pentagon officials say they have changed neither the requirements nor the way the bids will be evaluated.

“Jim doesn’t want to be in a position that we are going to bid a losing bid,” the Boeing executive said. “It gets difficult when you’re dealing with a competitor who has flat-out said on several occasions that they’re going to underbid us. How can they do that if the list price of their plane is higher than the list on our plane? Because they are subsidized and we’re a for-profit company, so the question we’re asking is: How do we compete against four governments?”

The average cost of a Boeing 767-200ER is $133 million, of an Airbus A330-200F, $194.8 million, according to Teal Group aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia.

The executive said Boeing has not arrived at a decision. He said raising the prospect of sitting out was not a negotiating tactic. ( BULL S*#T)


Boeing executives and its supporters say Airbus, which has garnered more than half of the commercial jet market in recent years, has been powered by nearly $200 billion in subsidies over four decades. The World Trade Organization recently resolved a 2009 lawsuit filed by the U.S. government, finding Airbus guilty of using illegal subsidies to win contracts with predatory pricing. Europe has countersued, claiming Boeing benefits from research and development tax credits.


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Aerial Tanker bids pushed back 60 days for EADS…….

[ An Airbus A-330 Tanker Aircraft landing…Notice the tail refueling boom tucked in……..]

The Dog is happy to see this but still doesn’t understand why the WHITE HOUSE doesn’t step in and take both the Boeing and Airbus Tanker versions…..

The US Air Force currently has two types of tankers…why not keep it that way?

EADS, the owner of Airbus, had partnered with Northrop Grumman to compete against Chicago-based Boeing on the roughly $40 billion contract. But Northrop dropped out of the competition in March, saying that the government’s requirements favored Boeing’s proposed 767 aircraft. EADS had asked the Pentagon for a 90-day extension so that it could submit a bid of its own.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said on Wednesday that the government would extend the deadline from May 10 to July 9 if EADS expressed an interest in submitting a bid. He said the Pentagon still plans to award the contract early this fall.

In a statement, EADS spokesman Guy Hicks said the company has “carefully assessed the many requirements necessary to participate.”

“We have firmly indicated that a 90-day extension would be the minimum time necessary to prepare a responsible proposal for this $40 billion program,” Hicks said. “We will consider the Department’s decision to offer a 60 day extension.”


And French Presdient Sarkozy has spoken to Obama about the matter…which Obama played off to Defense Secretary Gates…..which, of course, is nonsense…..Gates works for Obama…… and just like with Holder and Gitmo….The President can make the move to both tankers at anytime…..

Doing so would garner big politcal support in Washington State (Boeing ) and Alamaba where the Airbus tanker would be built……

Answering a French reporter’s question during a joint news conference with Obama at the White House, Sarkozy stressed the importance of trust between the two nations, particularly in the bidding for the new tankers.

The French president and other European officials have criticized the bidding process as unfairly favoring Boeing over the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.

“I said to him, ‘I trust you.’ And I do trust him,” Sarkozy said. “If you say to me that the request for proposals, the call for tenders, will be free, fair and transparent, then we say EADS will bid, and we trust you.”

“The trust is justified,” Obama replied, noting that Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who’s been overhauling procurement procedures, would make the decision.

“The president does not meddle in these decisions. … I maintain an arm’s length approach,” Obama added, “but I have assurances from Secretary of Defense Gates that, in fact, the rebidding process is going to be completely transparent, completely open and a fair competition.”

Earlier, during a visit with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London, Sarkozy’s disappointment with the tanker bidding had been more evident.

“If they want to be heard in the fight against protectionism, they should not set the example of protectionism,” Sarkozy was quoted as saying by Reuters. “There is what you say, and then there is what you do.”


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Is the Aerial Tanker decision going to be a decision or a political payoff to Boeing?

[Top is the Northrop-Grunman Airbus A-330….The Bottom is the Boeing 767 aerial tanker ]

The last time around Boeing lost it…..because they pitched an inferior product…..

This time a group of Governors want Boeing to get the contract….what competation?

One should note….if Northrop-Grunman (Airbus ) gets the nod…the aircraft will be made in United States also ( Alabama)…..

The Dog still doesn’t know why they don’t do a split buy….and make everyone happy…..The Air Force right now has two types of  tankers …what’s the big deal in a split buy?

Here’s the piece……

A bipartisan group of governors is getting behind Boeing in a politically charged competition to win a $35 billion Air Force refueling tanker contract.

Washington state Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) and Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson (D) are in Washington for the National Governors Association conference and will be lobbying while here. Their states have the most at stake, as Boeing has large operations in each.

Six other governors — Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D), Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell (R), Maine Gov. John Baldacci (D), Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D), Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) and Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) — are also advocating on behalf of Boeing.

The Air Force is expected to start its official selection process for the lucrative contract. The Air Force’s attempts to replace its Eisenhower-era tankers have been mired in controversy and political battles.

Boeing and Northrop Grumman have been going head to head for several years for the contract. Northrop Grumman partnered with EADS North America, the parent company of Airbus and Boeing’s rival in the commercial aircraft market.

The Northrop-EADS team won the contract last February, but Boeing successfully protested that award with the Government Accountability Office. The Pentagon subsequently decided to reopen the competition.


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The Airbus A400M cargo lifter makes it first flight…….

The  Airbus , A-400M cargo transport, plagued by delays, budget and engine problems….Has finally made it\’s first flight from a EADS facility in Seville , Spain…..The C-130 sized aircraft is unique in that has turpo-prop engines…not pure jet engines…….

It will take about two to three years of testing before Airbus starts delivery of the aircraft to the military ‘s of Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, South Africa and maybe Malaysia…….the aircraft will be in competition with the American C-130 and C-17……

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Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the newest and biggest commerical jet…the Airbus 380!

Here is a pictorial of the worlds largest jet liners and how the airlines flying it …..Have outfitted their aircraft…….

Those airlines are…..Air France, Emirates, Qantas and Singapore …..Man that plane is big!

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