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Netanyahu gets hit by Washington and London…..

In a continuation of the ‘family feud between Netanyahu and Obama and Clinton in Washington….. the Israeli Prime minister does not give an inch…..His country has seen punitive action  also by Great Britain….. which has expelled a diplomat in connection with a ‘wet’ job done,  where the special operators had faked British passports……

Bibi is now firmly stuck trying to keep his government coalition together by digging in on the settlements in Jerusalem that some want, thus keeping them happy and an American President that has signalled that he will move ever closer to the Palestinians and Arabs to get some sort of peace in that region…..

That region has had little, or no real movement towards peace for decades…..

Things are so bad…that the White House had no pictures from inside at the meeting between Obama nd Netanyahu…..

Mr. Netanyahu finds himself at odds with the United States and Britain partly because of the coalition he is having to manage at home. He has personally moved even farther to the right, while driving a political alliance with even more conservative elements. But some analysts say that Mr. Netanyahu has more leeway than it appears, that he could build a more centrist coalition if he chose to.

Meanwhile, both Britain and the United States have become increasingly frustrated with these Israeli political currents, with officials in both countries expressing doubts about whether such a conservative alliance could ever move forward on a peace plan.

Mr. Netanyahu’s difficult position was on display during an unusually testy visit to Washington. He and Mr. Obama did not appear side by side before reporters or even pose for cameras before their meeting.

Just hours after delivering a defiant speech in which he told a pro-Israel lobby that “Jerusalem is not a settlement; it’s our capital,” Mr. Netanyahu refused to budge on an American demand that he reverse a housing plan in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

He did pledge to adhere to more rigid controls over announcements of construction in East Jerusalem, carrying from meeting to meeting here a diagram that he said laid out how much red tape Israelis must go through before they could expand housing there.

But it remained unclear whether he would even allow scheduled negotiations with thePalestinians to focus on substantive issues like borders and security, another American demand.


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