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Immigrant children born here are Americans….they derserve a future…

This opinion piece in the New York Times touches on a very salient fact in the immigration fight between the left and the right…..The children of illegal immigrants born here are United States Citizens..with the full right and guarantee’s that their parents do not have…..

The number for those children is about 16 million…..

Those children have been studied for more than 20 years by a Princeton/NYU team…tracking 200 children from China,Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Central America and Mexico…..the study peers into the world of dislocation and travel that these families go thru…..

These children move with out parents, thru migration, divorce and passing away….having fathers away from their family unit for long periods of time …or permanently…

These children deal with depression, poverty, loneness and problems with language……and all of that if they go to school prevents most of them from doing well in school…..

And most of them seeing the other side of things desperately want to get their share of the ‘rock’ and just fit in and be american….if they can….

We must remember these children when we talk of immigration..we must remember that they are rich in ideas and they are Americans….

And they, along with their parents deserve a chance to get their share of the ‘rock’…..

They are after all Americans….

They are……..

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The Baucus bill is a good start………

Senator Max Baucus of Montana has released the outline of a blue print for a healthcare bill (PDF) that was developed by a bipartisan group…….Already under fire ….The ten year porgram is cheaper than the Presidents proposal by almost $50 billion…..and provides for healthcare for an additional 30 million Americans…..Let the campaign begin……..

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The German military has is own Aftganistan headache………

Yep….it appears that last weeks air strike in Aftganistan that killed about 100 civilians was ordered by a German army unit.   Most Americans don’t know it…but Germany has about 4,200 soldiers in the war torn country. They have been assigned to relatively quiet area’s …but the war IS everywhere.

This unit called in the strike on a few Taliban fuel trucks, but the collateral damage spread to civilians in the area……something the Taliban knows, and uses, and something US Gen. McChsyrstal has warned Allied commanders to be alert to……the results of the strike has caused a bit of heartburn back in Germany, for the military, and the politicans…….. and adds to impression in country,  that United States and its allies are no better than the Taliban……..

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