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Saving a Dog can make you a hero……..

L.A. River dog rescue a life-changer

The men who work Los Angeles Fire Department Air Operations have plucked construction workers off cranes, horses out of ravines and dogs out of washes — all with news helicopters hovering.

But rarely does their work cast such a public spell as did their recent river rescue of a dog.

On computer screens in offices and TVs in airport terminals, people all over the country watched live on the stormy afternoon of Jan. 22 as paramedic Joe St. Georges was lowered by cable from a helicopter to save the frantic animal from the fast-moving L.A. River in Vernon. And they kept watching, transfixed, as dog and man were hoisted up, spinning horizontally over the gray water.

St. Georges, who got a badly bitten thumb for his efforts, became an instant celebrity, appearing on the “Today” show and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and accepting the accolades of the animal-loving world.

For saving the dog, now identified as Spikey from Maywood, the 50-year-old firefighter paramedic has been barraged with hundreds of cards from well-wishers and lauded on a Facebook page set up by his admirers.

“You are proof that there are angels walking among us!” gushes one of the 5,353 fans of the page (as of press time) established to “thank LA’s dog-saving fire-fighter Joe St. Georges!”

“I’m humbled, I’m amazed,” said St. Georges of all the attention. “I don’t know what to make of it. It’s what we do.”

The Dog thanks Rescuer Joe St. Georges for saving a fellow Dog ‘Spikey’ when he was in need……

And hopes he finds a mate and enjoys the fame….he deservees it……..


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